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Is the flight life so Glamorous?




Welcome to the blog! We cover a range of topics from nutrition & health. Fitness & Exercise. Self-care and Wellness. Packing & Travel to showcasing what we call our "Fit for Flight Spotlights" - individuals we have interviewed in how they maintain their fitness & health while living a busy life or life on the go! 


Usually when someone says they’re “basic” they are referring to being perceived as someone who isn’t unique or doesn’t express their individiuality. They follow the mainstream of the most popular trends, products, music, etc made “famous” by the media or some social media influencer. Here we’re taking a little different approach with it! We don’t […]

Who enjoys working out outdoors?! We def do! It’s always nice to get a change of scenery, soak up some vitamin D, and take in the fresh air. But when it comes to working out or even sweating it out with Mother Nature, we still have to take precautions to make sure we’re taking good […]

Have you ever heard fruit makes you fat? I’m sure many of us could assume so, because fruit does contain sugar, but I’m here to bust that myth. Fruit ABSOLUTELY does NOT make you fat! In fact, it’s one food group that’s far from causing you to gain extra pounds! Of course, there are no […]

Nothing is worse than feeling like an overstuffed suitcase when you’re traveling. Your stomach puffs out. It’s distended. You feel puffy, or maybe even so gassy that it’s almost as if someone could just pop you like a balloon with a pin so the discomfort would go away. It happens to us too while working […]

Who can’t wait to get rid of this thing?! I’m talking about the newest “fashion” accessory: masks. Not only does it make it harder for everyone to hear – I know as flight attendants this is a fact when we when taking drink orders on the plane, and not to mention having to play mask […]