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Is the flight life so Glamorous?


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Welcome to the blog! We cover a range of topics from nutrition & health. Fitness & Exercise. Self-care and Wellness. Packing & Travel to showcasing what we call our "Fit for Flight Spotlights" - individuals we have interviewed in how they maintain their fitness & health while living a busy life or life on the go! 


Living the traveling lifestyle, it can be extremely difficult to have a balanced diet. With careers as flight attendants, we deal with working irregular hours on a daily basis. Sometimes it’s an overnight flight such as a redeye. Other times we are flying into multiple time zones a day. It’s easy to skip meals because […]

We get it. We all have cravings. We all indulge. It can be hard to start a new healthy eating plan and stick to it without eating our favorite savory snacks and treats like candy, popcorn, ordering burger and fries or scooping your spoon in the ice cream carton a dozen times while you settle […]