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Is the flight life so Glamorous?


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Welcome to the blog! We cover a range of topics from nutrition & health. Fitness & Exercise. Self-care and Wellness. Packing & Travel to showcasing what we call our "Fit for Flight Spotlights" - individuals we have interviewed in how they maintain their fitness & health while living a busy life or life on the go! 


Hola familia de viaje or Hello Travel Fam!! We recently visited the beautiful, adventure filled country of Costa Rica! Having only gone for 3 days, we kept getting asked why just 3 days? Well, when you’re flight attendants you can do a lot within 12 hours on our layovers let alone 3 days in a […]

Welcome to our “Fit for Flight” Spotlights.Fit for Flight Spotlight is a monthly feature that highlights friends, coworkers, social media influencers and bloggers who manage to maintain their fitness, health & wellness while living the traveling lifestyle. In these spotlights we share their advice for balancing it all from tips, tricks and products to a […]