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Is the flight life so Glamorous?


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Welcome to the blog! We cover a range of topics from nutrition & health. Fitness & Exercise. Self-care and Wellness. Packing & Travel to showcasing what we call our "Fit for Flight Spotlights" - individuals we have interviewed in how they maintain their fitness & health while living a busy life or life on the go! 


As flight attendants, we practically run on coffee! We absolutely love it. We’re guilty of drinking multiple cups of it in a day; especially when we are working those early morning shows, transcontinental flights, and let’s not forget those late night red-eyes! You can’t blame us for wanting a little extra energy, right? (For the […]

When running out the door to catch a flight or at the airport terminal and needing a pick-me-up, coffee is a staple of our every day or THE staple to get through it! It’s hard enough to keep up with your diet while always on-the-go, so you probably don’t even take into account just how […]