Go Live. Stay Fit.

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Check your bags, but not your fitness and health! When you live the "jet-setting" lifestyle, it's easy to forgo a healthy diet and exercise routine. Whether you travel for work, leisure or flying is your career, We provide the tools to help you plan healthy meals while keeping nutrition in mind to structuring your workout routines as well as self-care advice and packing tips with travel hacks included. Stamp your passport and see the world without sacrificing your fitness and health.

Our Book

Many of our friends and coworkers asked us how we manage to eat healthy and maintain a workout "routine" while traveling. We realized there's not many platforms that talk about fitness and health tied in with travel. With a passion to always help others, we wanted to provide a place with all of our tips and advice in one go-to guide to help those who lead a life on-the-go, live a more healthy and balanced lifestyle while traveling. With Casey having a certification and several years of experience as a personal trainer and Shelby with a few years under her belt as a flight attendant, the idea came about to write a book where others can apply the same ideas we live by in order to live a healthy and balanced life on-the-go.

Together we meshed our own expertise and concepts we use in our daily lives in order to create Fit For Flight. We broke it down into four sections, making it easier to navigate and attain to your needs. Fit for Flight has something for everyone, whether you're learning how to eat better, new to working out, learning new tips and tricks for travel, or how to create new healthy habits and routines for taking care of yourself and your body! Even if you don't travel all over the world, and you're someone who is always on the go - we wrote Fit for Flight with you in mind too aside from the avid traveler! 

Why we Created "Fit for Flight"?

We are proud to let you know you can shop our book on Amazon (click the link above or our book image). With a little over than 100 pages, it is lightweight, and easy to toss into your carry-on. Have it with you for all your travels whenever you need a quick tip for keeping up with your fitness and health on-the-go. Need a snack idea? We have examples. Help with a workout? We have samples for lower body, upper body, cardio and more! Advice for traveling long transcontinental flights? We can tell you how to prepare for your flight! Questions about packing or travel hacks? We provide a whole chapter on the topic! There's so many tips and tricks that are all packed into a one-stop guide, that will have you "Fit for Flight! 

Purchase "Fit for Flight"

Like Fit For Flight, EVEN Hotels believes travel & fitness can definitely remain hand in hand. They understand travelers like you, who seek more options to stay healthy and keep up your fitness routines. EVEN Hotels is your perfect place to stay that ties in all your fitness, health & wellness needs. We’ve had the pleasure of working with two locations (so far!)- showcasing the in-room fitness equipment at the Grand Opening of EVEN Hotel in Alpharetta, GA and stocking our book at EVEN Hotel Sarasota, FL. Go Live and Stay fit with Fit for Flight and EVEN Hotels!⠀⠀

"Fit for Flight" Features

If you are interested in working with us, we can't wait to hear from you! 

We're proud to have our book stocked in EVEN Hotels Sarasota, Alpharetta, and Denver! Read our interview on how flight attendants stay fit when traveling with A SWEATLIFE.COM. We also hosted a Wellness session on traveling tips for travel agents when planning their clients trips with Amrit Ocean Resort & Residences. Fit for Flight was also featured in a newsletter for the Association of Flight Attendants!

"Go Live. Stay Fit"