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Is the flight life so Glamorous?

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Welcome to the blog! We cover a range of topics from nutrition & health. Fitness & Exercise. Self-care and Wellness. Packing & Travel to showcasing what we call our "Fit for Flight Spotlights" - individuals we have interviewed in how they maintain their fitness & health while living a busy life or life on the go! 

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The Holidays are here, and while we were bestowed the gift of quarantine last year, this season feels like we have returned to normal. Not so fast. The pandemic is still an ongoing health crisis across the world. Even with the rise of a new variant and Covid restrictions in place, it’s not stopping travelers […]

Aloha!!! This post may be a little late, but consider it on island time, so I’m writing it none the less. This past birthday we spent it on the island of Oahu in Hawaii. We split our time between the North Shore and exploring around Waikiki. We had rented a car to drive around as […]

Ahhh vacation. We think, Relaxation. Time off from work. No worries. No stress. Maybe a cocktail or two or three or four….. maybe more. Some nachos here. Buffets there. Desserts every day. But Shoot. There goes my diet and all my fitness progress!! Oh well, I’ll get back on track when I get home…. But […]

As flight attendants, we practically run on coffee! We absolutely love it. We’re guilty of drinking multiple cups of it in a day; especially when we are working those early morning shows, transcontinental flights, and let’s not forget those late night red-eyes! You can’t blame us for wanting a little extra energy, right? (For the […]

We know it’s not fall quite yet, but we’re in the fall mood & this dish will sure be a staple in our prepped meals no doubt! Introducing to you a new recipe that we’re calling: Teriyaki Ground Turkey Skillet! You guys know we’re all about easy & simple recipes with few ingredients! This recipe […]

With travel slowly opening up again admits the pandemic, many of us are itching to go explore the world! Whether you’re going with a group of friends, family or on a solo trip, it’s important to always make sure you travel safely. Not only is it important to be aware of world news such as […]

Hey Travel fam! If you have been following us for a little while now, you know how much we love the supplement brand, Ghost Lifestyle!! They recently dropped their Vegan Coconut Ice Cream protein powder, so you know we had to try it! We aren’t vegan, but we find it digests better for us. Naturally, […]

Hola familia de viaje or Hello Travel Fam!! We recently visited the beautiful, adventure filled country of Costa Rica! Having only gone for 3 days, we kept getting asked why just 3 days? Well, when you’re flight attendants you can do a lot within 12 hours on our layovers let alone 3 days in a […]

We left Cappadocia in the afternoon after walking around and exploring the town all morning. We arrived in Istanbul around 5:00 pm local time, and had transportation set up to take us to our airbnb. Our airbnb was located right around the Galata Tower, one of the historic landmarks of Istanbul. In Ottoman times it […]

If you’re pretty consistent with a fitness routine (and by consistent we don’t mean the same time every day, or same days every week especially when you’re someone who is always on the go), it can be easy to hit a plateau. Living the traveling lifestyle, we don’t have set routines daily, but if fitness […]