Go Live. Stay Fit.

You know the saying - when you love what you do, you never work a day in your life! For us, life is about living in balance from the ground, up. We live by our motto "Go Live. Stay Fit" meaning you can enjoy all life has to offer while keeping up with your fitness and health. When we're not working in the sky, you can find us at the gym or on a hike. Outside of working out, we love to attend sporting events, hang out at rooftop bars and spending time with our friends and family! Our favorite indulgences include anything with oreos, doughnuts or pretzels and let's not forget relaxing with a glass or two of rose. Cheers to that!

What's up travel fam!? We are Casey and Shelby, twins who are both flight attendants for the same airline. Being a flight attendant is more than just pouring drinks and serving snacks. It’s about providing a great flight from point A to point B, making connections with people you meet, and getting to experience new places/cultures whether for work or leisure. It’s also about helping others, both on and off the clock.

It's a career we we both fell into and certainly one that comes with its own lifestyle. As women who are passionate about fitness and health, the career of a flight attendant or a traveling lifestyle in general, doesn’t necessarily allow a structured routine for working out every day and eating healthy on-the-go has its challenges. With our love for fitness and health and holding a high value on helping others, we found a way we can tie our passion for health & fitness with our passion for helping others into our careers. 

About Casey & Shelby

"Go Live. Stay Fit"