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Stepping out of the “Comfort Zone”

I had this conversation the other day with my sister. I’ll admit. Sometimes I am not always confident or comfortable in my body. My weight fluctuates with this job. I get digestion issues. My hormones get out of wack sometimes, making my skin break out. I struggle with wanting to go to the gym and sometimes look in the mirror and don’t like what I see. Somedays it’s hard find the motivation to get moving because you pick yourself apart and feel as if you’re never going to reach your goals.

And not only just for the physical aspects, sometimes it’s hard to get motivated to do any one thing you have been putting off in life. Maybe you want to sort through all your old clothes, but haven’t had the motivation to start a POSHMARK. Maybe you’ve been wanting to learn another language, but keep putting it off because it’s too challenging and you think you’re never going to be fluent anyway. Maybe you have been wanting to get more into yoga, take workout classes, or sign up for a gym membership, but you’re afraid of what other people will think of you.

Maybe you are afraid to apply for that job you’ve been wanting because you’re comfortable at your position now, but you know it’s not solely what you want. Same could go for that relationship you’re staying in because you’re just content. And maybe you want to see the world, go on that solo trip, but you’re either afraid of having to take COVID tests, because you aren’t sure where to begin with that (which shameless plug here, we’ve got a PODCAST episode 02 to help you navigate that), but maybe you’re just too afraid to go at something so foreign (literally) alone.

I saw this quote today,

Comfort Zone: A Beautiful Place where Nothing Gets Done.”

I sat here contemplating it with my morning cup of coffee, and I started thinking if there ever was a truer quote here is my sign. There’s so many things I have been wanting to do with my life, but sometimes I lack the motivation or better yet I wonder am I capable of doing something like that?

Real talk – you will never know, unless you actually try. It’s easier to quit instead of continuing on because you don’t see results yet. It’s so easy to stay in the “known,” to constantly be wrapped up in our security blanket. We’re so afraid to let go of things of get after the things we want because we are used to them or comfortable with, because change can be scary. Stepping into the unseen is scary or challenging. We know where we stand now, but what about tomorrow? I think we are afraid of failure sometimes. We’re afraid of getting lost and not knowing what to do. We’re afraid of going off the unbeaten path, because there might be many twists and turns we didn’t see coming. But that’s the thing. Yeah your comfort zone is beautiful, but all those other things you want, lie OUTSIDE of your happy little bubble.

And sorry to burst it here, but if you want to change or grow, you’re going to have to pop it. I have to remind myself that nothing will get done if I just stay in the same place. I can sit and wallow about how I don’t like this or that about my body, but it’s the days that I don’t feel like going to the gym, where I feel so uncomfortable in my body – that are the days that matter the most if I want results. I can blame COVID for not being able to see the world, but if I just did some research there’s ways to make it all work. I could wait for adventure until a friend wants to travel with me because I am too afraid to go at it alone, but I know those are the trips that make you learn so much more about yourself – and to be honest, I have yet to do a solo trip myself!!

You see? Nothing happens when you’re comfortable. You don’t grow. You don’t change. And I am sure you know the quote that Change is Uncomfortable. So if you read this thus far, thank you for reading my inner thoughts today. But I want you to take with you a piece of advice, that I have to give myself. You’re going to have to get uncomfortable to get to where you truly want to be. It’s going outside of your comfort zone – whether that’s out of your hotel room and getting your ass to the gym; out of your city and getting to a whole new state or country; out of a stagnate relationship that you know isn’t what your heart wants; out of your head in thinking you can’t do something.

You can stay in a beautiful place, but it’s also a dangerous one. It stops you from achieving your goals, and holds you back from what you’re capable of accomplishing. You’ll never get anything done. You’ll never learn more about yourself. You’ll never change or grow, if you stay. Like me, I’m sure there’s something more that you’re craving in your life, something you desire to do. Just like that quote was a sign for me, take it as a sign for you! Make the decision today to step outside of it, even if you’re just dipping your big toe in the pool of possibilities. Then one day you’ll find yourself diving in to the things you are so afraid of doing or achieving. You got it done. You’re doing it. You stepped out of your comfort zone, and look. Isn’t THAT a beautiful place?

March 6, 2022

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