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Protein Apple Cinnamon Toast

We love having toast for breakfast. You can “dress it up” with eggs, avocados, cheese, fruits, peanut butter, or you can keep it simple with some cream cheese, butter or jam. Have you ever thought of trying cooked apples on your toast? How about some protein powder? It may sound odd, but if you’re up for trying new recipes, and a tasty one at that, you must try making this Protein Cinnamon Apple Toast!!


  • One medium sized delicious red apple
  • Two pieces of whole wheat toast (100% whole wheat bread from Harris Teeter was used in this recipe; 2 slices is 21 carbs, 7 g of protein and 2 g of fat)
  • One scoop Ghost Lifestyle Vegan Protein (can use any flavor; Gingerbread cookie was used for this particular recipe, but it was a seasonal tub)
  • Cinnamon Spice
  • Walden Farms Calorie Free Syrup
  • I can’t Believe it’s not Butter spray (optional)


  1. Slice up apple into smaller cube like pieces
  2. Place in pan and add water and cinnamon spice
  3. place lid over pan and cook for 5 mins or until apple pieces become soft and then slightly browned
  4. Toast your bread (spray the butter on before you toast)
  5. In a bowl mix one protein scoop with a little bit of water at a time until you get a creamy texture (a spreadable texture like peanut butter but not too watery so make sure to only adds little water at a time)
  6. spread protein on toast and place apples on toast
  7. top with syrup and add more cinnamon if you like
  8. Eat up! The apples and syrup might make your bread a little soft, depending on how how long you like to toast your bread. And that’s okay! It’ll be kind of like a French toast. Mmm

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Go Live. Stay Fit. Enjoy!!

January 14, 2022

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