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9 Protein Hacks

Getting a fair amount of protein during your day can be a struggle. We’re providing some creative tips & tricks that work for us to make sure we’re eating enough protein in our diet! Try one of these simple hacks today!

🍲 We mentioned on our instagram that adding chicken or any protein to soup, when the soup doesn’t call for it (aka when you don’t have your classic chicken noodle or hearty beef stew!).

πŸ₯£ Mix protein powder with your oatmeal (Bonus it also makes it more voluminous, so you’ll feel like you’re eating more)!

β˜•οΈ Make a coffee shake or add a little to your coffee in the mornings (we love adding pre made vanilla protein shakes to our coffee when we travel such as the OWYN Brand).

🫐 Sprinkle it on top, or mix it together with your fruit bowl

πŸͺ Make our “No Bake Protein Balls” for a snack (we have a recipe here)

πŸ§‡ You already know, we love making waffles with protein! For the recipe of our “3 Ingredient Waffles Click Here”

πŸ₯€ Add protein to your fruit smoothie! Vanilla is always a good flavor that goes with everything!

🍫 Purchase Ghost Lifestyle High Protein Hot Cocoa Mix while it lasts!! It’s only for a limited time as it usually is restocked during the holiday season! It’s sold out on GhostLifestyle.com, but you can find it at GNC.

πŸ“ Make a fruit parfait and mix protein powder into your yogurt (check our more of our favorite vegan flavors of Ghost Lifestyle Protein here)

Did we forget any of your favorite protein hacks? Leave us a comment!

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January 11, 2022

  1. Annette H says:

    Bone broth! I switch out water for bone broth when making pasta/rice ECT. It’s the best!

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