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Traveling for Comfort (Food)

There’s nothing like traveling home for the holidays. Think, family traditions, being surrounded by the people you love most, and who can forget all the delicious food and treats? Maybe it’s a warm hearty soup, buttery biscuits, grandma’s Christmas cookies, Dad’s homemade apple pie or your family’s spiked egg nog recipe? Being home and eating these foods give us a sense of nostalgia, a comfort.

But with all the baked goods and home cooked meals, and christmasy cocktails, how does one even stay fit when eating comfort-ably (See what we did there?) whether your home for the holiday or even traveling abroad? We’ve put together our top 5 tips and examples to help you ditch the diet and enjoy holiday comfort foods and drinks without over indulging!

Tip #1: You don’t have to eat everything that’s offered to you.

Example: If you’re given free bread at a restaurant, you don’t have to devour the whole loaf. Have 1 slice and save the rest of your calories for your main meal. Or don’t be afraid to say no thank you if you are being offered things you don’t really want to eat o drink. Just because it’s there or offered to you, doesn’t mean you have to take it.

Tip #2: Make water your BFF

Example: Always have water by your side. Fill up on water between meals and cocktails or have a glass with each meal/drink. Water will make you feel fuller, so you’re less likely to mindlessly snack or over do it on the Christmas cocktails. Try to drink half of your body weight in ounces. This helps to not only hydrate you, but keep your digestion system running smoothly, especially if you’re traveling for the holiday!

Tip #3: Share with people you love

Example: If you’re dining out and want a giant gingerbread cookie split it with a friend or family member! You’ll still be satisfied by the taste of even just half a cookie as a whole one.

Tip #4: Save for later

Just like you can split food with a friend or loved one in tip #3, you can always “split” food on your own! Take a giant Cinnabon cinnamon roll for example. Eat half of it one morning and save the other half for the next. Family trying to offer you more food even when you’re stuffed? No problem! Suggest if you can take food to go as leftovers instead!

Tip #5: Don’t Deprive Yourself

Example: If you really want to try everything, have a little bit of it all. You don’t have to over indulge and load your plate up, but you also don’t have to deprive yourself. You can taste test your food. If there’s something you want more than others, you can have it. It’s not every day you get to try all the holiday goodies. Depriving yourself can leave you to feel unsatisfied and you might end up eating more than you actually had planned.

We hope these tips help when you’re home with your family or traveling and dining out on your holiday vacation!

Go Live. Stay Fit!

Ole & Steen

December 23, 2021

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"Go Live. Stay Fit"