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Fit for Flight Holiday Gift Guide: Travel Items

Hey Travel Fam!! Tis the season to spread some holiday cheer!! And what better way to bring a smile to your frequent flyer’s faces by surprising them with a gift they will not only love, but can utilize during their travels! 

We put together four different Holiday Gift Guides of travel inspired items ranging in prices from less than $10 to over $50 depending on what you would like to spend. We decided not to label our lists as his and her guides and tried to make it inclusive for all with items such as cooking gadgets, self-care products, packing essentials and travel necessities such as a cashmere scarf fit for anyone that also doubles as a blanket! Whether you have a budget or want to splurge a little, there’s something for everyone who lives the traveling lifestyle! ((And hey, there’s some small ideas for your flight crews working your flights through the holidays. We love receiving candy, coffee & chocolate wink wink)).

Click the images next to each product listing to take you to the website of each specific item. If you have any questions please leave us a comment! We love hearing from you! Don’t forget to check out (literally on Amazon) our book that just keeps on giving with tons of tips and tricks to live a healthy and fit lifestyle while on-the-go! Happy gifting and happy holidays!! 

Travel Items $10 or less

Give the Gift of our book “Fit for Flight” with all the travel tips you’ll need to stay healthy and fit on the go, especially during the holidays! Whether you need advice for meal prepping, healthy snack options or how to structure your workouts, it’s all here in one go-to-guide! There’s also two chapters all about self-care from makeup, hair and skin care tips to dealing with bloat and advice for those long-haul flights! Need help with packing for your trip? There’s a whole section for that too along with tons of travel hacks to help you prepare before your next flight or adventure! Our motto is Go Live Stay Fit. You can go do and see all the world has to offer without sacrificing your fitness and health!

A gift card to Starbucks is a simple yet thoughtful gift. And let’s face it! There’s a Starbucks pretty much everywhere you go, so you can’t go wrong! Or get a gift card from your loved one’s favorite coffee shop! As inflight crew, the gift of coffee is always appreciated. Wink wink!

Any sweet tooth lover will be delighted to have some chocolate for a small gift! Chocolate is the perfect little pick me up to anyone’s day! Another wink wink, nudge nudge for your inflight crews working through the holiday season!

Reduce the waste of single use plastic, and gift a reusable travel utensil set. This set from Target is even eco-friendly made with bamboo! It’s a 3 piece set with a spoon and fork that works as a knife and easily cuts through your food. It all comes in an eco friendly carrying case.

A foam massage ball is a great gift for any travel and fitness enthusiast. Airplane seats are not the most comfortable and can cause you to have stiff shoulders and back. Keeping a massage ball that’s small enough to barely take up any space in your carry-on is perfect to work out those kinks and aid in relief to painful areas. Its small size will hardly take up an area in your suitcase!

Think of all the plastic straws people use from their iced coffee drinks all over the world when they travel. Metal straws are another excellent small gift that leaves a big impact on the planet! Gift someone a set of metal straws from Brumate. Save the Turtles, protect marine life and also reduce the use of single use plastic waste!

Every girl could use a Smunchy Scrunchy. The perfect conspicuous design, a hidden zipper, makes it easy to stash some cash when you’re on the go. These scrunchies come in all different colors and patterns. It may be brining back the 80’s but we are totally here for it! You can receive 10% off your purchase with code “FITFORFLIGHT10”

If you’ve been following us for a little while, you will have seen we love using Ghost Lifestyle Sport’s Nutrition Brand supplements – from their protein powders to their pre workouts. If you’re not sure about going all in and trying their supplements, you can try their sample packets of protein, greens, and pre workouts.

Travel Items less than $25

A universal travel adaptor is a necessity and a great affordable gift for the international traveler. This one has all the plugs you need to charge all your devices and includes five USB ports.

Stasher Bags sustainable and reusable bags are a must have for every traveler. You can literally use them for anything. Throw in some healthy snacks, use it for toiletries or stow your various small items so you don’t have to go digging in your carry-on! We love using them for packing food or tea bags in our lunch box!

For the fellas, a beard oil that is nourishing for your beard as well as your skin. It’s a lightweight oil with earthy tones and works for full grown beards of 5 o’clock shadows.

Stojo Collapsible cups are another way to help reduce the waste of single use plastic items. And everyone could use a reusable water bottle to stay hydrated while traveling. Stojos concept of collapsible bottles and cups makes it so easy to toss in your carry on and have a to-go cup wherever YOU go! 

Gift someone with these collapsible food containers. It’s hard eating healthy on the go, but now when meal prepping from home you can use these containers that easily collapse and fit in your bag when you’re done with them. Microwaveable, dishwasher safe, and yes sustainable. iI you haven’t noticed by now we’re big on the eco-friendly, no single use plastic waste here!

Many hours inside a plane can wreak havoc on your skin. Keep it healthy and hydrated with Elf’s jet set hydration kit. Everything you need is already put together for you or your loved one. It’s a complete skin care routine that includes a cleanser, hydration balm, moisturizer, night cream, and eye cream. All you need to do to complete this gift is wrap it with a pretty little bow! 

Packing can be a bit….Ch-alleging at times but not when you have packing cubes. No more sitting on your friends suitcase when everything fits nicely into these separate compartments. You don’t have to make a mess of your suitcase when trying to find one certain item. Shop this 6 piece set off Amazon that comes in multiple colors.

Create a happy hour for your loved one on their plane ride with these craft cocktail kits. The alcohol is not included, but the carry-on kit has enough ingredients to make two drinks. 

Travel Items over $25 but less than $50

No more stinky clothes mixed with clean clothes with STNKY brand bag. It’s the perfect reusable travel laundry bag for dirty and sweaty gym clothes on the road. STNKY bag locks in odor and germs until you’re ready to do your wash. When it’s laundry day, unzip one end and grab the other to dump clothes in the washer without having to touch. Code “FFF25” gets you 25% off you STNKY bag. Nothing stinky about that!! 

Literally take the sound of music with you anywhere. The Cruise H2.0 from Speaqua is the perfect size to travel with. What’s even better is you can create your own dance party with a couple of beers. No worry about needing to find a bottle opener to knock back some cold ones. There’s one on the back of this speaker. How “cool” is that?

Forget lugging a backpack around on your travels whether you’re touring the city, going on a hike, or doing some shopping. After all, you might need your hands free for those extra bags. Say Aloha to the cutest on-the-go accessory! Aloha Collection Mini Hip Packs are an easy solution to go hands free with plenty of space for your cell phone, keys, small wallet, or passport.

If you or you’re loved one is caught without gloves this winter season, you won’t have to worry with these hand warmers. Charged by a USB cable and no batteries needed, throw these in your pockets and keep your hands nice and toasty to bare the cold! Perfect for walks around town on a chilly day or standing waiting outside for the bus or your Uber ride to your hotel! 

These boarding throw pillows are a neat idea to decorate any travel enthusiast home. Customize them for your giftees favorite city or hometown!

Tired of eating cold meals you prepped at home for on the go and don’t want to spend the money buying expensive meals from the airport or your hotel? As flight attendants we know the feeling and never take a hot meal for granted. With a hot logic mini you can have a warm “home” cooked meal in the comfort of your hotel room. 

Travel Items over $50 but less than $100

We love a good Kodak moment, if anyone remembers those cameras. Go a little more old school than that and gift someone with a Polaroid camera to snap some cool vintage-looking photos for their travels! 

The gift of headsets is music to our ears. Literally. The brand Sudio is one we’ve been using for a few years now, and we love their products. They are affordable, splash proof, and the charge lasts a long time – 5.5 hours of playtime from a 1.5-hour charge, and 20 hours for a full charge. We use them every time we travel whether on the plane or at the gym on our layovers! Code “FitForFlight10” gets you 10% off your purchase.  

A cashmere scarf that doubles as a blanket when the airplane gets cold should be a staple for any fellow traveler. This one is unisex made for both men and woman. The neutral color that goes with everything. 

Everyone could use a portable charger when living life on the go. Ours are a lifesaver sometimes especially when we’re always snapping photos, looking up directions on google maps or exploring bars or restaurants wherever we go! The cases from Casely are durable, long lasting with an on and off button and come in a variety of colors and patterns. Charge the case and your phone at the same time when connected to a USB port. Available in ihpone and Samsung phones.

A great quality backpack makes for easy travel and the Travelpro Luggage Maxlite 5 17.5″ Back pack from travel pro is a must have! It’s big enough to hold all your travel needs, but small enough to fit under the seat in front of you on an airplane. There’s multiple zippers for easy acccess and smaller outside pockets for stowage and safe keeping. Padding on the inside provides protection for your laptop or electronics. The sides even have a spot for your water bottle. Find it on Amazon or the Travel Pro company. 

Subtl Beauty is changing the game with their stackable makeup starter kits! Everything from concealer. Highlighter. Blush. Bronzer and eye shadow is in one stack. Save space in your carry on with the small and compact design and all the makeup is together so you won’t have to try and find one item or the other when you’re getting ready for the day! Use code “FLIGHT10” for 10% off your purchase!

December 1, 2021

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