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Oahu, Hawaii

Aloha!!! This post may be a little late, but consider it on island time, so I’m writing it none the less. This past birthday we spent it on the island of Oahu in Hawaii. We split our time between the North Shore and exploring around Waikiki. We had rented a car to drive around as our airbnb was in the North Shore right near Turtle Bay. It was a beautiful area with a secluded beach we could walk to. On our first night, we had stopped at a local store and picked up some Ahi Tuna and made a second stop at Ted’s Bakery to get some slices of cake for dessert! We ended up having a picnic on the beach with our girlfriends and watching the sunset go down while drinking margaritas we made at our humble abode!

Turtle Bay

The next morning, we walked down to the private beach at Turtle Bay and went for a dip in the water! Later, Casey and her roommate Rhi went scuba diving off the shore of Waikiki Beach, while Devyn who we call Casey’s mini me, and I went to a more secluded/private beach around the area, called Cromwells. Devyn spent some of her childhood/grew up on the island, so it was great having her take us to places she knew/that she used to go to as a kid! We had a few drinks on the beach then stopped at a coffee shop and split a coffee before going to meet up with Casey and Rhi from scuba. They ended up seeing sea turtles on their dive! How cool?!

We spent the rest of the day on Waikiki Beach and had purchased more ahi tuna/poke bowls from a nearby market. It was relaxing to spend the day lounging around and soaking up the sun! We drove back to the North Shore and pulled over at a couple of scenic points to take in the sunset. If you can help it – a sunset in Hawaii should never be missed!! They are absolutely stunning! The next morning we explored around Haleiwa. We laid on the beach and explored the historic downtown area! Later Devyn took us to LaniKai Beach, where we stopped for more – you already know – ahi tuna bowls and Casey and I tried June Shine, which is a hard kombucha! Our verdict – def recommend trying!

Rhi snorkeled in LaniKai and ended up being super close to some sea turtles. You could literally see them swimming above the waves!! We got some videos on the Go Pro (which a YouTube video will be following this blog post; we just have so many videos to put together)! Devyn and Casey ended up chatting with some locals on the beach, and we ended up going to a small house party where they had a pool and drinks and we ended up grilling out. Overall it was pretty chill night.

Our next day, we got up to go on a waterfall hike at Moana Falls. It was a little rainy in the morning, but we all thoroughly enjoyed the hike. It wasn’t too difficult at all, and the view of the waterfall was breathtaking! We did get rained on when leaving the hike, but it was refreshing. Rhi and I stopped for fresh pineapple smoothies from a food truck that was at the entrance of the hike. They were in pineapples, so of course we had to take some cute pics!

After our hike we went to another little private beach that was in a residential area, but very quiet and calm. We relaxed on the beach and waded in the water as it was only about knee high. For lunch we stopped at a cafe called Island Brew, which is where Devyn used to do her school work! It was the cutest place and had such a chill vibe!! The coffee was amazing, and the food was really good, but being on the water was the best part. You could literally spend hours doing work on your laptop there. Def recommend it over sitting at a Starbucks. After lunch, we drove by some scenic points and stopped to get out and get some pics of the water hitting the cliffs. It was the most beautiful blue. Casey and I even got some coconut drinks!

Island Brew
Scenic Point
Coconuts on Waikiki

We then spent the rest of the day on Waikiki Beach and waited to go meet up with a friend Casey and I had connected with through our instagram, Tara, who lives in Hawaii and is also a flight attendant for Hawaiian Airlines! We bought some drinks and some towels and set up to watch the sunset over Waikiki. Tara brought Casey and I the most beautiful leis, which are considered an honor or for a special occasion. She was so sweet and such a lovely person!! It’s crazy how social media you connect with like minded people, only to finally meet them in real life!! We are so grateful to have met her as she is such a cool and beautiful person inside and out!! You can follow her journey on her IG @babe_on_a_mish where she posts recipes, life in Hawaii, Amazon finds, self-care products and flight attendant tips! She is such a gem!!! OH! And we did see one rainbow, while we were in Hawaii (scroll to end of post)


For dinner that evening we tried going into Dukes, which is a really nice bar right on the beach overlooking the water, but it was such a long wait. We ended up across the street at a sport’s bar, which was still fun. We had some drinks and appetizers, and then at that point, we were tired and ready to go back to the airbnb, only problem our car ended up getting stuck in the parking garage. The worst part was, the guy who could’ve opened it up, saw us come in and left. . . He even left before 10 pm, which is when it was supposed to close. So he essentially had time to let us get to our car out, but we ended up having to call the police to help us, which they couldn’t do anything as the parking deck was apart of a private building. They told us we literally had to wait in the morning to get our car. We all were pretty pissed. . . I know I was, but what can you do. We ended up having to stay at a hotel nearby which we rode in the cop car to get to, and come back to retrieve the car in the morning when the garage opened. In the moment, it sucked, but in the end, you have to look back and just laugh at the situation. Note to self guys* always park on the street.

In the morning we stumbled upon a cool coffee shop along the side of the road on our drive back to the North Shore (which mind you its about a 45 mins – 1 hour drive from Waikiki). Had we not gotten our car stuck, we probably would’ve never found the Sunrise Shack. There’s always a silver lining in a negative situation. We posted a lot of pics from the Sunrise Shack on our Instagram here. They had such a chill and positive vibe with the motto “Today is a Good Day.” It was just what we needed after a long night. In a way, it was probably a sign to take the bad with the good and make light of the whole fiasco.

Devyn had to leave that morning, to catch a flight to visit her sister for her sister’s birthday. After dropping her off at the airport, the three of us went to the famous Leonard’s Bakery. The Bakery has been around since 1952 and is famous for making malasadas, which is a Portuguese donut without a hole! It’s basically a golden brown piece of dough that is light and fluffy on the inside and you can even elect to have one with cream! Mmmm! It was such a treat! After Leonard’s we headed back to Island Brew to have some real breakfast and some coffee. I think that morning took a lot out of us, especially from the night before, so we ended up going back to the hotel and resting for a bit before we went to go do a surf lesson near our airbnb!

Our instructor was a super chill guy named Ray who took all three of us out and taught us how to surf ((Casey and I had both been before in Waikiki, when we were 15 on a family trip for our parents 25th wedding anniversary). Ray said the North Shore was a popular spot as the waves are pretty mild, but easy to get up on the board and ride in. We all took turns getting up, and everyone did pretty well! It was a blast!!! We didn’t want it to end!! After our little surf lesson, we stopped at a place with some food trucks and each had some Mexican food/tacos. I got nachos, as that’s one of my favorites! We got bombarded by chickens walking around who literally jumped on the table and tried to steal our food!!! You really had to keep your eye on them and shoo them away!!

That night, I had to leave to go to the airport to catch my flight back home, and I believe Casey and Rhi got dinner and watched the sunset together. The next morning they stopped at Surfer’s Coffee for breakfast and coffee before heading to their flight. Which speaking of flights – you wouldn’t know it, but Casey accidentally sent her bag to the wrong airport to begin our trip hahah, and had to wait until the next day to get her suitcase. It flew to Helena, Montana instead of Honolulu, Hawaii, which their airport codes are very, very similar!! Honolulu is “HNL” and Helena, Montana is “HLN”Whoops. . .

Overall, despite a couple of mishaps, it was an incredible and much needed trip! I think we all needed the break from flying all summer and dealing with the stress/constant go-go-go lifestyle of being flight attendants, that we were just burnt out. Hawaii came at the right time, and it was a great little group of girls to go with!! We all had a great time, and have the memories and fun stories to tell that will last for a lifetime! Hawaii def has a special place in our hearts now. Until the next trip, Go Live. Stay Fit. Chat soon.

September 30, 2021

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