Go Live. Stay Fit.

How we Stay Fit on Vacay

Ahhh vacation. We think, Relaxation. Time off from work. No worries. No stress. Maybe a cocktail or two or three or four….. maybe more. Some nachos here. Buffets there. Desserts every day. But Shoot. There goes my diet and all my fitness progress!! Oh well, I’ll get back on track when I get home….

But wait, you don’t have to completely forgo your fitness and health when you’re in vacay mode. You can incorporate health and fitness into your getaway.

We have tons of tips on how to do this in our book, but we’ll share a few that we live by when we travel for fun!

When it comes to fitness and exercise, you may not always have access to the gym, but you can do body weight workouts on the go. We have free bodyweight exercises or hotel room workouts you can do anywhere, without any equipment on our Instagram @Fit_ForFlight. Sometimes we just spend 10 mins doing a few exercises or stretching before we head out the door for the day. Or if we know we’re going to be walking everywhere or swimming in the ocean, hey even surfing, that counts as exercise!

The biggest thing you can control is diet. The word diet doesn’t mean super strict healthy food. It’s just a word to describe what you eat, whether it’s healthy food or not so nutritious food. We love our fair share of drinks and desserts when we’re on a trip. I mean, when you’re international you have to try it all, right? Whether it’s getting coffee and pastries in Europe or Piña colada’s in Mexico we have learned to balance our diets over the years.

If you know you’re going to probably have drinks or less nutritious foods later, plan around it. In the mornings stick to more nutrient dense foods like fruits, eggs, oatmeal, whole wheat breads for fuel for the day. And later in the day, you can enjoy drinks, the bar foods, pizza, whatever you want! Our favs include nachos or spicy margs! In Hawaii we had June Shine – Hard Kombucha!! That way you’re not binging on junk or non processed foods all day!

For us, if we have something like pastries in the mornings, we’ll try to have something lean, clean and green later on such as a salad or greens and a protein like chicken or salmon or seafood! We love seafood like fish and shrimp! When we were in Hawaii, we had ahi tuna almost every day!!

Def try to fill up on water – especially if you’re going to be knocking back a few. A good rule of thumb is have a glass of water for every alcoholic beverage. That way you stay hydrated, and you’re less likely to have a killer hangover. We carry a plastic bottle around with us and use it to refill with water when we’re traveling. Our goal is to aim for a gallon each day!

Of course we have those days where you drink and eat everything and you look back and realize you didn’t really have anything super nutritious, or maybe you ate too many carbs or too much fried food or sugars. Hey, it happens! You can plan on eating healthier the next day! Usually this is our last day of vacation, and since we’re going home the next day, we don’t sweat it because we know at home it’s easier to keep up with fitness and health than on vacay.

Life is about balance and it is about enjoying yourself. We’re here to help you do that while providing tips and tricks to incorporate ways you can be healthy and fit in exercise on your vacation. That’s our Motto: Go Live. Stay Fit. Enjoy all that life has to offer. See the world, without sacrificing your fitness and health!

For more tips on how to manage your health and fitness on the go, including self-care tips and packing/travel hacks you can find our book “Fit for Flight” on Amazon or visit our instagram.

Go Live. Stay Fit.

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September 21, 2021

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"Go Live. Stay Fit"