We know it’s not fall quite yet, but we’re in the fall mood & this dish will sure be a staple in our prepped meals no doubt! Introducing to you a new recipe that we’re calling: Teriyaki Ground Turkey Skillet! You guys know we’re all about easy & simple recipes with few ingredients! This recipe only calls for less than 5! So without further a-do, here’s how to make this quick & tasty meal below:


•1 pound of lean ground Turkey
•2 sliced bell peppers
•1-2 cups mushrooms
•any seasoning to taste— I used Himalayan salt and garlic.
•1/4 cup teriyaki sauce
(You could also add onions, zucchini, or any other veggie you like!)


  1. using a nonstick skillet, cook your lean ground Turkey all the way through
  2. add garlic salt and Himalayan to your meat
  3. add hour chopped up veggies
  4. pour in teriyaki sauce and mix well with meat and veggies
  5. continue to cook till veggies are soft
  6. take off heat, let cool & enjoy!

Do you like this recipe? Let us know if you try it! Stay tuned for more recipes like this coming soon!

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