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Costa Rican Adventure

Hola familia de viaje or Hello Travel Fam!!

We recently visited the beautiful, adventure filled country of Costa Rica! Having only gone for 3 days, we kept getting asked why just 3 days? Well, when you’re flight attendants you can do a lot within 12 hours on our layovers let alone 3 days in a new country…. Plus with our benefits – it’s pretty inexpensive to travel abroad, so you can garuntee well be back as there’s sooo much to do and see in Costa Rica.

Within the 3 days we were there, we did do a lot!! Our first day our friend Charlene and I arrived in San Jose. We got our covid test done for our return to the states, which was fairly quick and done right at the airport. Both Liberia and San Jose airports offer rapid testing, within an hour, for your flight back to the United States. Since we were only gone the 72 hours, we were able to do our tests the same day.

After the tests, we picked up our rental car and stayed around San Jose as we had to wait for Casey’s flight to arrive a little later on that evening. She ended up having to work the day we planned to travel, but it all turned out well. We ended up staying at a hotel in downtown San Jose, and decided to rest up for the night then start our adventure the next day!

Our first destination was about a 2 hour drive to Monteverde to do the zip lining and suspension bridge tours! We stopped at a soda shop/local diner on our way to the park we had loosely planned to go to – I say loosely because we didn’t really have a plan in Costa Rica. I don’t think any of us realized just how big the country actually is – so we kind of ended up winging everything! We got some cookies as a snack on the way. No ideas what they were called, but they were tasty!

The company used that we managed to find by researching on Google was the Selvatura Adventure Park. They had several different packages for their tours. We ended up getting a discount for ours as our package included the butterfly garden tour; however we got there a little too late to do it, so they gave us a discounted price, so we only did the canopy tour (zip lining) and the suspension bridges.

The bridges were probably my favorite part. I just thought it was neat to feel like you’re walking above the trees. There are signs everywhere that say don’t run, jump or shake the bridges, and I managed to do all three. Whoops.

The suspension bridge tour could be done at your own pace. There were about 10 bridges in total. We finished in about 45 minutes then had some time to have lunch before zip lining. We ended up eating at a restaurant on the property for and each had a drink before zip lining – what a way fo calm nerves if you’re afraid of being suspends by just cables, flying through the jungle!

The zip lining was def one of the coolest experiences we’ve all done! The guys who ran it were so great, and seemed to have a lot of fun doing their jobs!! We all felt totally safe and comfortable. I mean, as flight attendants we already get a taste of what’s it’s like to be 1000s of feet in the air, but this was a little different! You really felt like you were literally flying and getting to be surround by Mother Nature all around you from the sky above and the jungle below was so breathtaking. You couldn’t beat the scenery. I think we all were just in awe of it all!

After zip lining, we had to drive back down the mountain and start heading towards our airbnb. We did make a pit stop in this downtown/Main Street area in Monteverde where there’s a few hostels, a bunch of coffee shops and stores. We just got some coffee for the ride as our Airbnb was another 2 hours away.

Our Airbnb was located in Jaco Beach. It was a little gated area with houses and a community pool. We never made it to the pool, but the Airbnb was perfect in walking distance to some local restaurants and the downtown area. We had dinner at one of the restaurants nearby that probably would have been like a club pre covid. They had a DJ and we had some drinks and shard nachos for an appetizer. Post dinner we were so exhausted from the day, bed was calling our names!

We woke up to roosters in the morning, as I think that’s a pretty common thing in a lot of Latin American countries that I’ve been too, and I don’t mind it! I think it’s kind of neat! However we didn’t actually get up until a couple hours later and we found a cool/hipster-ish coffee joint called Artesenal. The food was delicious! We all ended up ordering some fresh fruit. Mmmm.

With time to spend before our surf lesson that day that Casey arranged at Jaco Beach, we were able to explore around the area. I ended up researching a hike that turned out to be a waterfall tour so we ended up doing that at NeoFauna Falls. Due to time constraints, we had to do the short tour which only allows you to trek to two waterfalls, basically one on top of the other and the longer tour you get to see 10 waterfalls. It was still a great experience. You rode in a jeep to waterfall and and hiked a little bit, and by hiking I mean you barely had to walk too far – to get to the waterfall. We were able to get in and swim a little bit. At first it was cold, but then it was so fun!! Def had ourselves a little photo shoot!

We went back to the Airbnb to get ready for surfing and had a couple of snacks that we packed from the states – protein bars, jerky, tuna packets. Then it was time to go to our surf lesson! Two instructors were with us the whole time. Alex was the guy that helped Casey and took her to some 5 foot waves!! Her first time doing that! And Charlene and I started only with the basics haha. At first I was standing up a lot, then became frustrated with myself and got too into my head. Charlene ended up doing really well in taking the waves all the way in to the shore. I did see Casey surf a big wave once, but it looked pretty tough! She said she def got rocked a few times but said Alex was such a great teacher.

It was an activity that really makes you hungry! After surfing for a an hour we were starving!!! We went back to the Airbnb and tried to go to a bar on the beach but their kitchen had already closed, kinda early at that around 7pm, so we ended up driving to a seafood restaurant more downtown in a plaza area. The restaurant was called Pesca Seafood House and known for their ceviche that comes in a coconut! It was so good. The calamari was yummy and all of our entrees were amazing! I got the salmon. Casey and Charlene both got octopus dishes.

I think surfing had really wiped us out cuz after dinner we wanted to find dessert but a lot of places had closed already so we ended up going back to the Airbnb and crashing! We had to get up early the next day to drive about an hour and a half back to San Jose to drop off the rental car and catch our flight.

There was a really cute coffee shop along the drive, on the side of this cliff that hosts spectacular views. We stopped for Costa Rican coffee and some snacks as well as a few photos of the scenery! The landscape was stunning. The sky was so blue. Side note* the whole time we were there it was supposed to rain. We really lucked out because it mostly rained at night and never rained during any of our activities!! This time of year ((between May and December)) is Costa Rica’s winter months and often rainy season.

Before catching our flight we spent some time shopping for souvenirs at the airport and got some gifts for friends and family back home. We had tons of pics from our trip to sort through and you can see all of our high lights on our Instagram page under the Costa Rica 🇨🇷 highlight!!

It was a trip for the books and one we won’t forget – probably our most adventurous trip yet to date!! We had a really great time with our friend Charlene and really bonded!! If there’s any places you have been to in Costa Rica, and loved, please let us know! I think our next adventure there will be Liberia or further south of San Jose to the sloth sanctuary. Def want to have coffee with the slothies! And hopefully I’ll remember to charge my Go Pro!! Rookie mistake.

Until the next adventure, check us out on Instagram. Pinterest. YouTube.

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August 26, 2021

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