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How to Fight off Cravings?

Cocktails in Costa Rica

For starters, you don’t have to. Part of living a healthy and balanced lifestyle whether you live life on the go or not, is enjoying the foods and drinks you love – BUT – the key is in moderation. If you’ve been following us on Instagram and see our highlights of all the places we’ve traveled, you’ll notice we love our fair share of doughnuts and cocktails! The tip, not the trick, is don’t make it your whole diet but also don’t deprive yourself either.

Trust us, we used to be those people that never had sweets or “junk food” EVER, and the moment we did, we always overdid it! And sometimes it’s okay to indulge. But more often nowadays, if we’re craving chocolate for example, we may have a piece or two every day whether it’s after lunch or dinner. Or if we’re really wanting a glass of wine, we may have just one instead of the whole bottle (quarantine anyone??)

We know sometimes it’s hard to get over a craving, especially if you tend to have an unhealthy diet. And it can be more difficult when you’re traveling, because it’s so easy to go buy what it is that you want, where as at home, you don’t have to keep it in your house/apartment (that’s Oreos for us haha). Here are 10 tips to help curb or satisfy cravings, so you can break any unhealthy habits (like overindulging or depriving yourself) and develop a more balanced and healthier lifestyle when it comes to your cravings:

Little Lucy’s Donuts – Austin, TX
  1. Drink more water. Sometimes we think that we want to eat something, but really your body may just be thirsty. Try filling up on water to curb your cravings.
  2. Don’t skip meals or go too long without eating. Not having a satisfying meal or not eating enough can leave us to start binge eating which is usually when we reach for those unhealthy foods.
  3. Fill your meals with protein or snacks with protein, which correlates with going to long without eating. Having protein helps keep you full until your next meal or snack (we have plenty of options/tips in our book Fit For Flight for healthy snack options when on-the-go).
  4. Plan your meals – we know this can be tough when you’re on the go, but you don’t have to reach for the unhealthy options. Many airports or places around town have healthier options for you to choose from!
  5. Try swapping your foods. What we mean by this is opt for healthier options that mimic the lesser healthy options you’re craving. Want a soda? Maybe try a flavored seltzer. Want candy? Try opting for some fruit like mangos or pineapples or grapefruit that have a more tart-like taste. ((We actually have a whole blog post on food swaps here))
  6. Distract yourself. Sometimes we eat because we’re bored or emotional. Find an activity you enjoy doing to distract you from “thinking” you want to eat your cravings. Dive into a good book. Phone a friend. Get active. Write in a journal. Play a game on your phone or iPad. Do a puzzle. Browse your favorite shops online (just don’t spend all your money!!)
  7. Brush your teeth or eat a mint. Sometimes this works because you won’t want to mix the taste of food or a beverage with your minty fresh breath! We always keep mints in our carry on!
  8. Catch up on sleep! Sometimes we think we’re hungry or stressed when really we just need more zzz’s. You could just be cranky from lack of sleep and thinking you’re just hangry. Make sure you’re getting at least 6-8 hours a day!
  9. Be mindful about what you do eat if you give into your cravings. Like we said before, don’t over do it all the time, every day 24/7. Fill your “plate” or diet with more nutrient dense foods than unhealthy ones.
  10. Listen to your body – part of living a healthy and balanced lifestyle is not just exercise and a good diet but also listening to the cues from your body. Learn when you are actually hungry, when you’re thirsty, or if you do in fact need more sleep!

For more tips and advice on how to eat healthy on the go, check out our book on Amazon! Go Live. Stay Fit. Chat soon!

Quesadilla, Chica Restaurant in Miami!

August 12, 2021

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