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Tips for Healthier Sushi Orders

Tuna Roll

Every now and then we love going out for sushi! Spicy salmon or spicy tuna is usually our jam, but did you know all the sauces, rice and fried pieces can make a pretty fattening and high caloric meal! If you are planning on eating sushi out this weekend or anytime the craving hits, but you want to cut back on the calories try these options and read up on tips on other ways you can have a healthier meal!

Sashimi – is probably the healthiest you could go. It’s the raw fish without the rice. Without the rice you forgo a lot of carbs and get all the protein and healthy fats!

Cucumber Roll – just sounds fresh doesn’t it? With no sauces and just clean ingredients (cucumbers, seaweed, rice), it doesn’t offer much protein, but you can pair it with ordering some lean meat on the side.

California Roll – usually the beginners roll to sushi if you’re not sure how you’re feeling about raw fish; because there is no raw fish in this roll. It’s made with fake crab.

Avocado Roll – order without all the sauces. If we haven’t said it before, we’re saying it here, avocado is a healthy fat. Pair this roll with edamame for more protein.

Salmon Avocado Roll (not spicy) – hold the the spicy Mayo as it adds on the calories.
Avocados add healthy fats

Plain Tuna Roll – Eating just plain tuna or salmon is a great protein packed option

Rainbow Roll – the name just sounds pretty; With cucumber, avocado, usually fake crab and various types of fish from tuna, salmon, yellowtail or even eel makes this roll protein heavy.

Veggie Roll – Typically made with Ingrid like cucumber, avocado, carrot, mushroom, onion, asparagus, and tofu are healthy option for vegan and vegetarians

Seaweed Salad

More Tips for Ordering Healthier Sushi:
Opt for brown rice: which has more fiber & nutrition than white and better helps with digestion
Use Wasabi for spice: Instead of ordering spicy rolls, which is all that high calorie mayo
Order sauces on the side: we said it before, we love spicy mayo
Get a side salad: have a house salad with ginger or seaweed salad and add Sashimi to it.
Order edamame: on the side for extra protein.
Nix cream cheese: avoid rolls with cream cheese such as bagel rolls or Philadelphia roll
•Use reduced soy sauce
Order Rolls with white Fish: yellowtail, halibut, and albacore tuna are low in fat and are good protein
Use chopsticks to help eat slower and not rush through a meal
Fill up on soup: miso soup is low calorie and as a fermented food meaning it’s rich in probiotics, it’s good for gut health/digestion!
•Rolls with seaweed paper instead of rice for a lighter carb option

*If you see this on the menu:
-Crunchy = fried pieces
-Spicy = Mayo
-Tempura = fried

Of course everything in moderation!! Sometimes you gotta go all out with sushi and just enjoy life!! What are some of your favorite sushi orders? Drop us a comment below!

August 6, 2021

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