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“Fit for Flight” Spotlight: Charlene

Welcome to our “Fit for Flight” Spotlights.Fit for Flight Spotlight is a monthly feature that highlights friends, coworkers, social media influencers and bloggers who manage to maintain their fitness, health & wellness while living the traveling lifestyle. In these spotlights we share their advice for balancing it all from tips, tricks and products to a look at how they manage their fitness, health and wellness routines as well as how they:

Go Live. Stay Fit” – our motto behind Fit for Flight. 

We’re excited to feature one of our favorite gals. Charlene! Charlene has an incredible journey and we can’t wait to share it with you! We’ll let her tell ya a little bit about herself below as well as some fun questions we’ve asked her; especially about her most recent (& amazing) fitness transformation! 

Charlene: Hey guys, I’m Charlene and I’m just happy to be here haha. I’m 24, have the best job in the world as a flight attendant and like to split my time on the ground between Utah and New York. With 2020 being the way that it was and with the rise of COVID-19, I had a moment of knowing I needed to start putting my health first. I started having a healthier relationship with food, moving my body more, gaining strength both mentally and physically, and learning to love the journey. I’m still working at it and hope to never stop!

Fit For Flight (FFF): Hey girl heeeeey! Welcome to the spotlight feature! We are super stoked to feature you!!! Okay so first off, we have to talk about your AMAZING transformation! We’ve watched your fitness journey over Instagram and girl, you’ve dropped like what 50lbs?! How did you get started?! 

Charlene (C): Oh heyyy! Thank you thank you, you guys have been so encouraging and supportive through it all so I appreciate you both a ton. I started by focusing on and adjusting how I ate. Less processed foods, more nutrient dense natural foods, and being conscious of portion sizes. Once I felt comfortable and confident with that foundation, I’d add another healthy habit on one by one (water intake, adequate sleep, working out, etc.) and am still adding them on whenever I feel ready for the next step.

FFF: Thank you for the sweet words! That’s such a great way to go about it! The small steps one at a time certainly doable And all those small goals add up to the bigger one! We know as a flight attendant you’re always on the go. Between different time zones, working hours, and unpredictable schedules how do you stay motivated to workout? 

C: It’s all about mindset! Once I hit the 1-2 month mark, my mindset switched from feeling obligated to workout to feeling like a workout was necessary to my mental and physical health, which would get me excited to get out there and move.

“My mindset switched from feeling obligated to workout to feeling like a workout was necessary to my mental and physical health“

FFF: we love that! Yes! It def becomes an enjoyable part of your lifestyle! Speaking of workouts, what have been your favorite kind of workouts or favorite exercises to keep in shape? 

C: You guys should see all my saved posts on Instagram, it’s just all workout videos to follow (Casey’s and Shelby’s are the best obvi). Lately I’ve been working on running and endurance so I’ve been loving jogs whenever I get to layover in a warm place, I think it’s an awesome way to get to see a place especially when you’re only there for a short amount of time.

FFF: haha you’re the sweetest! Thank you for the support! We agree! We also love jogging around new places and taking in the fresh air— especially if we’re in a plan all day, right?! What do you think has been your biggest obstacle while getting in shape with the career that you have?! 

C: It’s been tough when I don’t get time to meal prep and then have to go on a hunt for healthy foods at the airport. Airports don’t have nearly as many amenities open as they used to because of Covid so it takes some genuine thought and searching around sometimes.

FFF: So true! We miss the salad bar at JFKs airport! ugh. But of course we need to ask you. What’s your favorite treat meal? 

C: I am in love with cooking lately and it’s been so fun to create healthy versions of foods that I don’t really treat myself with meals much, I’m more of a snack person when it comes to treats. I LOVE a fun Trader Joe’s snack/treat. Praline pecans, caramel coffee cashews, stroopwafels, dark chocolate espresso beans, I can keep going.

FFF: Trader Joe’s def has the best snacks! We can agree with that!  Do you have any favorite healthy on-the-go snacks and meals?

C: Tuna fish, mixed nuts, blueberries, and snap peas. So easy and so good. 

FFF: Those all sound perfect to travel with, too! You mentioned it’s hard to find food at airports, but do you have any favorite snacks that you can grab at the airport, when you don’t have time to meal prep or just need a quick bite to eat?! 

C:  Starbucks (they’re in most airports unless that airport is rude) has this reduced fat turkey bacon, cheddar, and egg white sandwich on a wheat English muffin that I could probably live off of and be completely content. Ask them for a sriracha packet to go with it and thank me later.

FFF: Okay that’s genius! Sounds delicious, too! Speaking of meal prep, what’s a simple recipe you love to make? 

C: I have 2 what I call “lazy day go-to meals” for when I don’t want to be my normal extra self with cooking and meal prepping. The first, slice up and fry a chicken and apple sausage. Put it over mixed veggies and top with a lil salt, pepper, and garlic powder (always). The second is a riced cauliflower “fried rice”. Trader Joe’s has these frozen bags of riced cauliflower and mixed veggies stir fry which ROCK. You heat that up on the stove, you add your flavors you want (I add ginger powder, garlic powder, pepper, sesame oil, coconut aminos, rice vinegar, and sriracha), and you add an egg that you scramble with it until it’s all cooked through. SO good.

FFF: will you be coming out with a lazy girl cookbook then?! We need this! Haha no, really we love easy recipes and these sound so tasty! Another Q for you, when you are traveling how do you get in a workout when most gyms are still closed??

C: A positive of 2020 is the amount of at home and body weight workout videos made on Instagram. You guys (Casey and Shelby) have great ones I have saved that I whip out in the hotel room whenever the gyms in the area are closed. 

FFF: Thank you for that! It’s def become such a big thing with gyms being closed! We love it and where there’s a will there’s a way, right?! What would you say  is your favorite part about being a flight attendant? 

C: There’s so many things. I love the customers, the crewmembers, the places you go, using quick problem solving skills on the fly (hah), making the difference in someone’s travel day, aaand the cute uniforms.

FFF: amazing! I mean, we may be biased but we def can attest to that. Haha. And lastly, We know you’re from Salt Lake City. So we gotta know, do you ski or snowboard? If both, which one is your fave?! 

C: I have a beautiful snowboard that is itching to get used and I need to use it so much more than I actually do! I’ve been on a snowshoeing kick lately actually! It’s a nice leisurely way to enjoy the beautiful Utah scenery.

How cool is Charlene?! Seriously! What an incredible soul inside and out and we’re so happy to have showcased not Only her fitness journey but her lifestyle as a flight attendant, too! Want to follow more of charlene? Visit her instagram at @Charlene.Wilde. We hope you enjoyed her feature as much as we do! Till next month, Go Live. Stay Fit travel fam! 

June 23, 2021

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