DIY Charcuterie Board

You don’t have to be a pro to make your own version of a charcuterie board. We created a guideline to help you make your own for any occasion whether it’s made for two or for a party. You can def add as much as you want to it! Pick your favorite fruits and veggies, dips etc. A friend once told me, it’s like an Adult Lunch-able!! You can have fun with it! The fun is all in the creativity!! Load it with veggies and make your own dip to make it healthier and opt for a couple of meats and cheeses instead of overloading your tray or board with too many! But hey if you have a party, go crazy with it! This board was perfect for two or three people and it was all eaten. We even had leftover groceries to make another one for another time 🙂

Grocery List:

  • CHEESES. 2-3 kinds of cheese: soft. Hard. Creamy.
  • MEAT. Add 2-3 different kinds. We like prosciutto and sliced salami/Pepperoni or smoked salmon
  • SWEET TREATS. Select two things: maybe dark chocolate & grapes instead of candies
  • NUTS almonds; cashews: macadamias (chocolate covered almonds are a great choice for nuts and chocolate)
  • CRACKERS. Select your favorite crackers (fig & rosemary crackers or water crackers are so good)
  • BERRIES & CITRUS. Blue berries, strawberries & tangerines for example
  • OLIVES & pickles Choose the ones you love most. You only need a handful.
  • DIPS (healthy tzatziki dip) Greek Yogurt; dill & lemon juice. Or Spinach dip for crackers. Add sliced cucumbers, mini bell peppers
  • WINE. Optional. We chose pino noir red which is good for your heart or make your favorite healthy cocktails/mocktails (sparkling water with kombucha, makes a great mocktail).

What are some of your favorite Charcuterie Board options?? Leave a comment!

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