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The Facts Behind Fitness Myths

  • You will lose weight quicker doing a fasted workout 
  • You’ll gain weight eating after a certain time, usually in the later pm hours 
  • Lifting heavier makes you bulky
  • Fruit makes you gain weight
  • You can spot reduce fat (meaning you can target fat loss from specific areas of your body) 
  • Yoga is only for people who are flexible 
  • You need to do excessive cardio to lean out 


Have you heard any of the above before?  To give it to you straight, they are all untrue statements.  We’re debunking each fictional tale, and exposing the real facts behind these fitness myths: 

▪️Working out fasted: while most people think training fasted (i.e. not having any food in your system before you exercise) causes you to burn more fat, research has shown this only happens with really, REALLY low intensity cardio. Higher intensity cardio burns more fat, but it’s not always better to do this type of cardio fasted as it’s recommended to fuel properly with carbs beforehand so you don’t become fatigued or pass out! Yikes! [if you want more information on this, checkout this article here by BodyBuilding.com 

▪️Eating after a certain time will cause you to gain weight: I’m sure we’ve all heard that if we eat too late in the day, we’re more likely to gain weight. However, it’s not the TIME of day, it’s HOW much. Think of calories in vs calories out. Let’s say you’ve eaten 1,700 calories for the day. If you continually ate 500+ more at night EVERY night (without having ever exercised), you’re more likely to gain weight. Why? Because you’re consuming more than you’re burning off. This means you’re going over your maintenance calories (the amount of calories you can consume during an entire day without gaining or losing weight) If you tend to be a late snacker or later eater- that’s totally fine so long as you stay under or around your maintenance calories during the day. Don’t get us wrong: we’re all for those late night cravings too like tacos or bowl of cereal every once in awhile because if you’re like us, we love breakfast at all times of the day! 

▪️Lifting weights makes you bulky: this myth has been around for years! If that were true, you’d see a lot more fitness models looking like WWE wrestlers. Truth is, you shouldn’t be afraid to lift heavier weights. Not only does it challenge your muscles, but lifting weights helps you burn more calories which in turn creates leaner, sculpted muscles. Sounds like a win-win to us! 

▪️Fruit makes you gain weight: fruit gets a negative rap sometimes- mainly because people think the sugar is bad. While there are fruits like dried fruit and candied fruit loaded with trans fat and covered in artificial sugars – whole, natural fruit contains natural sugar which is non-processed and healthier for you. Besides, there is no magic food that makes you gain nor lose weight. Again, it’s all about calories in vs calories out, so don’t be afraid to eat your fruits! We actually have a post we did about this myth. You can read it here: “ Fact or Fiction? Fruit Makes you Fat” 

▪️You can spot reduce fat: spot reducing means you want to lose fat in a specific location on your body; however you can’t do it. Hate to break it to you, but you can’t lose stomach fat by performing hundreds of crunches for your abs, so don’t give into those silly infomercials that try and sell you a product promising just that! If you want to lose weight in a certain area, you have to lose it overall. Of course, you can tone up certain parts of your body, but in order to see any definition fat loss has to occur, and that comes with healthy nutrition. Remember, abs are made in the gym, but revealed in the kitchen. 

▪️Yoga is only for people who are flexible: so not true! If we can do yoga – because we’re not the most flexible by any means – then anyone can do it! Sure those who are more flexible can do all the bends, twists and splits, but you don‘t need to have that level of skill. Just knowing the basics of yoga and incorporating it into your workout regimen can be super beneficial to not only your body, but also your mind. Yoga is great to stretch out your body and work out any kinks or aches you may be feeling, and puts you in a relaxed peace of mind when you allow yourself to fully let go of all your worries. during the practice.

▪️You need to do excessive cardio to lean out: while cardio does help you to lean out and reveal your muscle tone, excessive cardio can actually be harmful to you. If you go overkill on the cardio, you’re body can start to eat at your muscles causing you to eventually be weaker and more prone to injury. (An article at BodyBuilding.com explains how in further depth, here). A mix of cardio and strength training is the key combo to losing weight and toning, of course along with a healthy diet. 

While there are tons of fitness and weight loss myths out there, we hope these more notable ones help you out during your fitness journey. If you’re looking for more tips on nutrition and exercise, checkout our book Fit for Flight available on AMAZON and Good Reads. 


June 21, 2021

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