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How to Create “Travel Routines”

When you’re someone who is constantly on-the-go, it can seem almost impossible to have any solid structure or routine. You‘re in and out of different airports. You travel to all these different cities. You wake up in different time zones. You have to do your research on what food is available to you from the likes of restaurants, post mates or hotel room service. You have to figure out when you can fit in a workout, whether it’s at the hotel gym, a local gym/studio or taking a fitness class. If you want to see the sites, let alone have time to, you need to map out your day or maybe you decide to just wing it, and in between all the latter, you have to leave/plan time to sleep! 

All of these factorsand more play into your day-to-day schedule, making it hard to have a solid routine, so how do you begin to have any sort of structure when you live the traveling lifestyle? You can create small routines you do everyday from mini tasks you do in the morning, to taking care of yourself and your goals throughout the day, all the way until you get ready for bed at night. To further help you create your own “Travel Routine” we broke it down into sections and included some of the things we incorporate into our everyday lives to help us have more structure when we travel. 

Your Morning Routine: Think about the things you like to do in the AM to get your day started. 

  • Do you drink coffee, tea or lemon water? 
  • Do you have a skin care routine you follow upon waking or getting ready for the day? 
  • Maybe you journal or do yoga? 

For us we begin our morning routines with our individual skin care regimens. Then we make a hot beverage whether it’s tea, lemon water or coffee along with some breakfast which usually consists of some sort of protein. We have vitamins we take daily like collagen  or probiotics. One of our goals is to start incorporating more yoga/stretching into our mornings when we get out of bed to help wake up the body! Your morning routine can be made up of all these little tasks that help you start your day on a positive note. 

Your Fitness Routine: Think about how you like to exercise/workout. 

  • Do you prefer to workout more in the mornings or later in the day? 
  • Are you a gym person or more of a person who likes group classes? 
  • Maybe you‘re a runner or have another favorite activity you enjoy doing?

We know when traveling, that every day might vary which makes it tougher to always follow a good workout regimen. For us, we deal with the inconsistencies of our schedule, by striving to workout 4-6x a week and planning workout splits (something we talk about in our book). Some of those workouts will be longer than others. Some may no include cardio. Others are just active rest days or getting out walking around town exploring the city. Your fitness routine can be anything you love to do to stay active. 

Your Nutritional Routine: What we mean by this is your meals/diet. Think about how you typically eat during a full day 

  • Do you do really well with your meals, eating healthy, in the mornings than struggle later on in the day?
  • Are you eating more non processed/more nutritious foods than processed foods/sweets & treats? 
  • Do you aim to make healthier choices when you go out I.e. limiting alcohol on your travels to a couple times a week or picking and choosing what days to have treat meals? 

Hey we get it, that a healthy diet is probably the hardest part in keeping a routine when traveling. It’s easy to go for the fast-food, the quick meals, or booze it up at the local bars with your crew, coworkers or the cute guy or girl you hit it off with at the bar. We manage our nutritional routines by sticking to a basic meal plan (we include in our book). We try to incorporate protein in every, if not, most of our meals. We typically keep our carb intake toward the earlier parts of the day then taper off as the day unfolds. If we know our plans in advance such as a night out with friends or a family event, party etc we’ll save our weekly treats for that occasion. If a night is unplanned like going out for drinks with the crew on a random Taco Tuesday night, then we try to stick to a healthier diet the rest of the week and use that day as our treat day. Your nutritional routine doesn’t have to be perfect, just remember everything in balance and moderation. 

Your Self Care Routine: Think about how you like to take care of yourself such as relaxing or keeping sane during a busy or stressful day/week to things you enjoy on a regular basis. 

  • Do you like take bubble baths or do facials? 
  • Maybe you get a monthly massage? 
  • Do you enjoy getting out in nature or staying in watching movies or reading books? 
  • Maybe you like to go to cafes, or bookstores or farmers markets on your travels?

Your self-care routine can include anything that brings you joy or makes you feel good. Some of the things we like to do on our travels is find different places with healthy eats, a  cool bar to have a cocktail, or going on a hike if we can! We like to listen to music when we get ready for anything whether it’s going out or work. Once a week we’ll do a facial mask.  Our fitness is definitely apart of our self-care routines, so we always try and make time for it. Try to always take a little time to yourself everyday even if it’s as little as 10-15 mins. 

Your Bed Time Routine: Think about the things you do before you get ready to call it a night. 

  • Do you have a PM skincare routine?
  • Do you meditate or stretch a little before bed?
  • Maybe you watch an episode of your favorite shows or read a chapter of your book? 
  • Maybe you sip on tea, jot down your thoughts from the day in a journal or maybe you say your prayers? 

Some of our bedtime routines include our own skin care regimens and drinking tea to relax before hitting the hay. We sometimes do a little abs or core routine before bed. We May watch a show that’s on tv or send each other motivational quotes we find on Instagram or we get from a daily app. Most importantly, we always count our blessings or at least say Thank You to God in our prayers. Your night time routine can even include some of the little things you do in your self-care routine to help you relax and unwind at the end of the day. 

Your treats/rewards routine: We’re creating this section, because who doesn’t like to treat themselves or reward themselves when it’s we-ll deserved, or we need a pick-me-up, because life gets stressful, and we work our asses off sometimes. It’s important to pamper yourself now and again. 

  • Did you stick to your goals this week or this month?
  • Did you get a promotion or pay raise at work? 
  • Did you get a new apartment or buy a house? 
  • Maybe you started a new business venture?

Whatever the case, celebrate! You’re allowed to reward yourself. After all, you are your biggest cheerleader. Rewards don’t always have to be food related. They can be taking that trip you’ve always wanted, or buying an item you’ve been eyeballing. We like to get new workout gear now and then or buy an outfit or piece of clothing we can’t get off our mind. Whenever we stick to a goal, sometimes the reward isn’t tangible. Sometimes the goal becomes a routine and we don’t even think twice about it. It just becomes a good habit. 

All of these routines can become good habits once you set your own in place and make it a point to continue them day in and day out. We want to show you that you can create a structured routine with a varying, on-the-go lifestyle. We hope these tips, ideas and our own input help you crate your “travel routines,” and remember to have fun! 

Go Live. Stay Fit! 

June 21, 2021

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