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Healthier Starbucks Options that are “Fit to Sip”

When running out the door to catch a flight or at the airport terminal and needing a pick-me-up, coffee is a staple of our every day or THE staple to get through it! It’s hard enough to keep up with your diet while always on-the-go, so you probably don’t even take into account just how many calories or excess sugars you could be consuming in your daily caffeine fix, especially if you have more than one cup! While those pumpkin spice lattes and vanilla bean frappes are deliciously good, they’re also “dangerously” loaded with sugar and can contain more grams of carbs  than you expect!  

To save on packing the pounds without packing the calories, we’re sharing a list of our favorite “healthy” Starbucks coffee drinks that are quick to order and fit to sip! From iced lattes and cold brews to hot coffee and the occasional frappe (yet, healthy frappes), these low calorie drinks are all under 150 calories! Note* we calculated the calories from my fitness pal! 

For more tips on how to make your coffee orders, tea orders and even alcoholic beverages healthier, check out our book Fit For Flight on Amazon!! 


  • Tall Coffee Light Frappe 90 calories
  • Tall Caramel Light Frappe 100 calories 
  • Grande Coffee Light Frappe 110 calories  
  • Grande Espresso Light Frappe 120 calories 
  • Grande Caramel Light Frappe 140 calories •Grande Cinnamon Dulce Light Frappe 140 calories

Iced Coffee

  • Grande iced coffee, unsweetened 5 calories 
  • Grande iced coffee, unsweetened with almond milk 20 calories 
  • Venti iced coffee, unsweetened with almond milk 30 calories 
  • Grande skinny vanilla or skinny cinnamon dolce iced latte 80 calories 
  • Grande iced coffee, sweetened 90 cals 
  • Grande iced latte macchiato with coconut milk, 90 calories 
  • Grande iced latte 130 calories 
  • Venti iced vanilla or caramel coffee with half & half 130 calories 

Cold Brew 

  • Grande Nitro Cold brew 5 calories 
  • Grande Nitro Cold brew with sweet Cream 70 calories 

Hot Coffee 

  • Grande Black Coffee 5 calories 
  • Grande Coffee Americano 15 calories 
  • Grande Coffee with coconut milk 25 calories 
  • Grande Nonfat Cappuccino 80 calories 
  • Grande Skim Latte 130 calories 
  • Grande Skinny Vanilla or Caramel Latte 130 calories

June 21, 2021

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