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“Fit for Flight” Spotlight: Two Fit Travelers

Welcome to our “Fit for Flight” Spotlights.Fit for Flight Spotlight is a monthly feature that highlights friends, coworkers, social media influencers and bloggers who manage to maintain their fitness, health & wellness while living the traveling lifestyle. In these spotlights we share their advice for balancing it all from tips, tricks and products to a look at how they manage their fitness, health and wellness routines as well as how they:

Go Live. Stay Fit” – our motto behind Fit for Flight. 

We’re diving into a new Fit for Flight Spotlight, and we’ve got a double feature for y’all! We had the pleasure of interviewing a fitness and health focused, frequent traveling couple who help guide other travelers to manage a healthy lifestyle. Meet Maryssa and Mike – better yet known together as the “Two Fit Travelers.”  These on- the-go fitness experts have tons of helpful information from their own instagram account @twofittravelers to their fitness Podcast!  – (more about that later), so we are stoked to be able to share an inside look into their lives and their expertise! 

Fit for Flight: Tell us a little bit about yourselves. Where are y’all from? How did the two of you guys meet? 

Two Fit Travelers: Maryssa is a veterinarian and Mike is an entrepreneur. We both grew up in small, rural Midwestern towns, met in central Illinois, while Maryssa was finishing Vet school and Mike was working as a personal trainer. We were both incredibly busy – online dating (an app called Bumble) allowed us to connect. 

FFF: Awe that’s great! We def can tell you’re both into staying healthy and keeping up with fitness on-the-go, and inspiring others to do the same. What inspired you guys to start “Two Fit Travelers?”

TFT: At the time, it seemed like the perfect combination of the two things we loved to do, and many friends and family relied on us for answers about fitness and/or travel. Today it’s much more. We truly believe that fitness & travel are two of the most powerful vehicles to grow and develop yourself, and we work hard to inspire others to experience the joys and discoveries we have the opportunity to live out each and every day.

FFF: You both are def inspiring! On your website you provide Travel Guides for different destinations you’ve been, to help others who are visiting or planning to visit those cities, to keep up with their fitness and health! Can you break down the general information on what travelers can expect to find inside each guide? 

TFT: Each Healthy Travel Guide offers tips and strategies to help people stay fit and healthy while they’re traveling. These range from available healthy restaurants, fitness centers, outdoor areas to exercise, and healthy tricks unique to that specific area.

FFF: We love that! When traveling, what are some of your meal prep tips or tricks?

TFT: Keep things simple. Nuts, jerky, bars that are easy to travel with and won’t leave a mess. Bring an empty water bottle or buy a large water bottle after passing through security at airports. We also like @airfarepouch.

FFF: All good, healthy snacks, and aiding the environment with reusing water bottles is a plus! Is there any travel gear you swear by that has worked really well i.e meal prep containers, luggage/backpacks, or little “kitchen” gadgets made for travel? What about any workout gear you recommend? 

TFT: We love our neck pillows; nothing fancy, but even a quick nap on a short plane ride can make a significant difference. Resistance tubes, bands and TRX straps are easy to travel with.

FFF: Def! Resistance bands are so easy to toss into your bag! By scrolling through your Instagram, we can see you guys have been to some pretty awesome places! What has been your favorite thus far? What is a destination you’ve been wanting to go to? 

TFT: New Zealand is by far and away our favorite destination. It’s hard to describe in words, so we don’t try to explain it anymore. We don’t do it justice. It’s too beautiful, too incredible not to experience yourself. Italy is inevitable. Maryssa has mentioned Iceland a handful of times, too.

FFF: Ah! We are so jealous of New Zealand!! It sounds incredible! What are some of your favorite things to do when you travel? Like finding a cafe, book store, sporting event, museum, etc

TFT: Workout (obviously) in a new place, and outdoors if the weather is conducive. Mike would say our favorite thing to do is not a particular “thing”, but, in general, just experiencing a new place as if we lived there: e.g. start a conversation with locals, ask what their favorite restaurant is, and eat there for dinner.

FFF: We’re always up for a good hike and good food! Speaking of books, “you have a book of the month” what’s your current read at the moment? 

TFT: We just finished Obesity Code by Dr. Jason Fung.

FFF: Very cool! We saw you created a Podcast called “The Fit Travel Show!” Can you tell us what it’s about  and what kinds of topics do you cover? 

TFT: The Fit Travel Show is a great podcast, where listeners can gather insight and inspiration from folks who live a healthy and adventurous lifestyle. We’ll share from our experience and expertise, but we also enjoy interviewing folks who do fitness and travel way better than we do.

FFF: Totally! That’s awesome! It‘s fun to see other people’s perspectives/hear their journey and get advice! Of course we know you’re into fitness, what’s some of your favorite exercises or activities to do to stay active when you both travel?

TFT: Maryssa loves Peloton, so we keep our eyes open for lodging that may have a bike. In general, we stick to moderate or high intensity workouts with a lot of compound exercises. In “more” general, nearly everything we do involves moving – hiking, walking, adventuring.

FFF: Any fun “Fit” Date ideas that you recommend for couples? 

TFT: Obstacle course racing. Do a short race, get dirty, get out of your comfort zone, and do it with your loved one and thousands of other people as crazy as you.

FFF: That sounds pretty adventurous and fun! You also have a blog that covers fun topics from your own travels/experiences to travel advice and wellness tips! What are some of your best travel hacks you’ve found that are like game-changers or have been super helpful since you learned or utilized them during your trips? 

TFT: Pack light. We never use everything we pack for a trip. We’ve also never had a luggage issue (except one time in New Zealand when Mike’s electric toothbrush opened a bottle of sunscreen). Having to haul around big, heavy bags can really put a damper on your ability to explore. We’ve all heard plenty of horror stories about lost luggage in transit. If that’s not enough to urge people to pack lighter, just gaze out on the tarmac the next time you’re at the airport. It’s no wonder luggage these days are made with hard, damage-resistant shells.

FFF: Couldn’t agree more. Lugging your heavy suitcase is a hassle on its own let alone losing that luggage! Yikes! On your website, you’re working on putting a retreat together! Any small details you can share with us about it I.e how fitness and health will be incorporated – Healthy foods? Workout classes/activities? 

TFT: None at the moment 🙂

FFF: Okay okay! We won’t press 😉 but we def look forward to learning more about it in the future! In the mean time, we have created the motto “Go Live Stay Fit” which you’ll see in our hashtags on IG. It means you can enjoy life but also manage to keep up with your fitness and health on the go! So How do you Go Live and Stay Fit?

TFT: We’ve established a lifestyle at home that allows us to stay healthy and fit on the go. This is something we teach in both obvious and subtle ways through our content and the guests we bring on the show. Anyone that successfully stays fit and healthy with a busy lifestyle has healthy habits while at home.

FFF: That’s so true. What would you say is your guy’s motto or a quote that you find inspiring to live by? 

TFT: Maryssa signs off all of our content with “Adventure On.” It’s very short and simple, but means a lot to us. We want everyone to move forward, explore, adventure and live a more abundant life. Regardless where people are at in their lives right now, more adventure, more experiencing, more learning and more growing can only lead to a more fulfilled life. So.. Adventure On.

FFF: We like that! Short and sweet, yet very powerful! Thank you so much for letting us interview you both in getting to know more about Two Fit Travelers and sharing with our readers. We’re excited to see what‘s next in store for you guys! Keep up the good work and Adventure On 🙂 For more tips and tricks from the Two Fit Travelers, or if you have any questions of your own, check out their website and listen in on their latest episode from their podcast, “The Fit Travel Show!” 

June 21, 2021

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