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“Fit for Flight” Spotlight: Christina Nicole

Welcome to our “Fit for Flight” Spotlights.Fit for Flight Spotlight is a monthly feature that highlights friends, coworkers, social media influencers and bloggers who manage to maintain their fitness, health & wellness while living the traveling lifestyle. In these spotlights we share their advice for balancing it all from tips, tricks and products to a look at how they manage their fitness, health and wellness routines as well as how they:

Go Live. Stay Fit” – our motto behind Fit for Flight. 

We have another great Fit for Flight Spotlight feature for y’all! Last month we featured GHOST Lifestyle Brand Advocate, Andrew Calvino. You can read up on his interview here, and follow his fitness journey with GHOST lifestyle included, on Instagram @AndrewCalvinoFitness

This time we’re excited to feature another fellow flight attendant who is a yoga loving, fitness junkie and outdoor traveler enthusiast. Meet Christina Nicole! Christina is all about inspiring others to live a balanced lifestyle through fitness and adventure! We’re excited to share her tips, advice and fun facts about how she manages to keep up with her workouts and healthy lifestyle on her layovers and her own personal travels! It’s time to get on the road (or in the air) to our interview with Christina!

Fit for Flight: You’re very big on fitness and inspiring others to do the same. What inspired you to be a fitness influencer? 

Christina Nicole: I really enjoy working out, weather at the gym or outdoor activities. It’s a lifestyle for me. I wanted to inspire others to pursue an active healthy lifestyle too, so I created my social media accounts to reflect a balanced, active lifestyle.

FFF: That’s great! What kinds of workouts do you typically do at home?  What is your fitness routine like when you’re working/traveling? 

CN: I’ve started focusing on weight training rather than a lot of cardio. When I’m home I’m at my local gym hitting the machines, unless it’s super cold and snowing. I hate driving in snow, so I’ll stay in and use my small home gym which consists of free weights, a bench and bars. When working/traveling I use whatever is available in the hotel gyms which can be a bit challenging. I have to change up my workouts to accommodate the hotel gym equipment, consisting almost entirely of cardio machines and dumbbells. I usually use these days to incorporate a cardio day. I also will use dumbbells in my workouts using the same muscle groups I would be using with a machine or bar. 

FFF: For sure! Some hotel gyms can be challenging with little to no equipment, so we get that! We love that you’re into lifting weights, as do we! What are some of your favorite exercises with a pair of dumbbells? 

CNLove using dumbbells for shoulder press, chest press, and lateral raises

FFF: What do you typically do for your cardio?

CN: I did run a lot for many years, and if I need to drop weight quickly, running will do it for me. Because my workouts used to consist entirely of running, I became burned out. So now I might run 1 to 3 miles once a week when I’m cutting my calories to lose weight and not bulking (calorie increase to gain muscle mass). When it’s warm outside I love going hiking and kayaking. I’m learning to enjoy the colder weather and plan on trying to learn to ski – cross country skiing really interests me. 

FFF: Oh wow! That’s an impressive goal to have!! From your Instagram, you can tell you’re an outdoorsy person. What are some activities you enjoy that you do outside of the gym, but still manage to get in a workout or keep up with your fitness routine?

CN: I’m a warm climate kind of girl. I love just going for walks and exploring even if it’s just local. Hiking on trails is another favorite activity of mine and anything that involves water such as kayaking, paddle boarding and swimming. 

FFF: That’s awesome! Paddle boarding is def an activity we’ve always wanted to try! What are some fitness tips that you would give to someone who is new to working out or trying to find their own routine/structure? 

CN: Fitness tips I would give someone who is new to working out is to not be afraid or intimidated to try different workouts. In order to make it a lifestyle, it has to be something you enjoy doing and not something you dread. What works for others might not be for you and that’s perfectly fine. Be patient with yourself and your body, the point of exercising is to have a healthy body. 

FFF: Great advice and very well said! You’ve been to Costa Rica, somewhere we are dying to go as it’s known for its outdoorsy/adventure aspects. What was your favorite part about visiting? Did you do any fun activities or workouts while you were there?

CN: Costa Rica was amazing! It was a birthday trip for my boyfriend. I absolutely fell in love with the beauty of the island, and it’s such a chill place to visit. The people there are super friendly and hospitable. The resort we stayed at offered free yoga classes, so I took a couple of those classes while there. We also went 4 wheeling on the beaches which was so much fun! Totally recommend it! 

FFF: Sounds amazing!! Brb we need to plan our trip! Do you travel with any fitness equipment? I.e bands, sliding disks, jump ropes? What brands do you recommend? 

CN: Sometimes I do travel with (booty) bands. These things really do kick my booty! I don’t have a specific brand I use. 

FFF: Yes, booty bands burn so good! We know there’s more to a healthy and fit lifestyle other than working out. How do you keep up with your diet while your traveling?

CN: I keep up with my diet while working/traveling by packing my food. I always meal prep before my work trips. I’m lucky to know where I’ll be staying during my work trips so I pack my foods accordingly. I balance my carbs and proteins. I rarely eat out while on the road (working). I don’t deprive myself of cravings. I just limit myself on how much I give into them. 

FFF: Meal prepping is key, and we agree about limiting cravings. It’s def all about balance and moderation. We created the motto “Go Live Stay Fit” which you’ll see in our hashtags on IG. It means you can enjoy life but also manage to keep up with your fitness and health on the go! So How do you Go Live and Stay Fit?

CN: I “Go Live and Stay Fit” by listening to my body. Being healthy is a balance of mind, body, and spirit. I surround myself with good people; family, friends, and faith. I keep my body healthy by feeding it good nutritious foods and sometimes donuts. I keep my body active and challenge it constantly. I take the trip, buy the shoes and eat the cake or donut! 

FFF: What would you say is your motto!? 

CN: Life is short, take the trip, buy the shoes, eat the cake!

Love that! Thank you so much for letting us interview you Christina Nicole! We loved getting to know you a little more through your fitness journey and having you share positive advice for our readers! For more on Christina’s fitness journey and her travels both for work and leisure, you can follow Christina Nicole on Instagram @Nicole_FitnessJunkie!

June 21, 2021

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