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“Fit for Flight” Spotlight: Andrew Calvino

Welcome to our “Fit for Flight” Spotlights.Fit for Flight Spotlight is a monthly feature that highlights friends, coworkers, social media influencers and bloggers who manage to maintain their fitness, health & wellness while living the traveling lifestyle. In these spotlights we share their advice for balancing it all from tips, tricks and products to a look at how they manage their fitness, health and wellness routines as well as how they:

Go Live. Stay Fit” – our motto behind Fit for Flight. 

If you missed our last two interviews we had the pleasure of interviewing two lovely ladies and good friends of ours! In our first spotlight we featured Vera who is a flight attendant and manages to live a balanced lifestyle both in the sky and on the ground. You can find her on Instagram at the @balancedFlyer; sharing her tips, tricks and cool finds on layovers as well as kick-ass deals/products from Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s! 

Our second spotlight featured Stephanie, a personal trainer/beauty pageant queen living life on-the- go!! Find her on Instagram @StephanieTwum and see how this babe stays sexy, strong and glamerous and helps others feel just as confident in their own skin! 

For our third feature we are stoked to announce we interviewed instagram influencer and GHOST Lifestyle Takeover Team Member, Andrew Calvino! We’re excited about this feature, especially because the fellas can get a guy’s perspective on how to live a healthy and balanced life while leading a busy lifestyle (and maybe we’re a little biased because Andrew likes GHOST lifestyle supplements Brand just as much as we do 😉)! 

Alphalete Athletics

Alongside being a Takeover Team Member  for GHOST, Andrew works at a hospital as an insurance notification specialist. In basic terms he reviews your account and makes sure no one has stolen your identity and makes sure the insurance pays etc. A typical work schedule for him is 7 days on with 10 hour shifts (woof), yet Andrew still manages to hit the gym after a long day typically around 8:00 or 8:30 pm! 

But we’ll let the interview do the talking about how Andrew keeps up with his fitness and health around a busy career, along with tips, advice and fun facts about him so it’s time to let this interview #BESEEN (The hashtag and motto for Ghost Lifestyle Brand – And if you don’t know we’ll now you know 😉 ) 

Fit for Flight: We know you’re big into working out and keeping it healthy. What made you get into fitness/working out?  

Andrew Calvino: I got into working out & a healthy lifestyle by just wanting to change not only my physical appearance but also for improvement regarding my mental health 

FFF: Oh yeah! Fitness can def play a big part in your mental health. Going to the gym is our “Me” time to break away from everything else going on in the day.  Speaking of working out, what are your favorite exercises or activities you do to stay in shape? 

AC: I would have to say my favorite exercise would have to be the Incline Smith Machine Chest Press 

FFF: That is a good one! You can really use the Smith Machine for so many exercises! When you have those days you don’t want to workout or just feel blah, what gets you motivated to get it in a workout? 
AC: Well normally I take 1 scoop of Pre-Workout aka Legend from GHOST, tell myself my goals don’t have time for excuses, and that’s it. I’m ready to go, but on those hard days my wife Nicole gives me that extra push saying go to the gym!

FFF: We know that you love using the brand GHOST Lifestyle supplements (as do we) What is your favorite product you use from them? And how did you get into sponsoring their brand?! 
AC: My favorite product from GHOST would have to be The Pre-Workout Legend, so sponsoring or posting about the products just came natural to me. When you believe in something and getting results from them, it’s easy to share what you are passionate about. Having that mindset resulted in job or career opportunities since I’m now working for GHOST  [which I started] April of 2019. 

FFF: We agree with sharing what you’re passionate about, and oh yeah! Their preworkout is amazing! The Strawberry Daquiri flavor is so bomb!! Of course anyone who is into diet and nutrition along with having a fitness regimen can tell you 20% is working out and 80% is all about a healthy diet! Do you meal prep/cook healthy foods? Any quick and simple recipes you can share with us?  
AC: My wife and I prefer to cook at home instead of relying on meal prep services. I think our favorite dish to make would have to be our Asian Bowls, which just have Basmati Rice with broccoli cuts and 96/4 ground beef with some yum yum sauce lightly drizzled on top

FFF: Sounds yummy to us (no pun intended! We are all about yum yum sauce! It’s so good!!)! Since we’re on the topic of food – You live in Columbus Georgia and we grew up around Atlanta, so we love some southern cooking! What are some of your favorite cheat meals or guilty pleasures?!   

AC: Cheat Meal would have to be a medium rare burger with a runny egg on top with a side of fries Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream for sure is a guilty pleasure

FFF: Oh for sure Ben & Jerry’s – good choice!! We know you are married and absolutely adore your wife! Do you guys workout together? I know we are each other’s accountability partners. Does she hold you accountable or do you hold yourself accountable to get your workouts done/keep up with your health and nutrition? 

AC: Thank you! Yes, I do adore her! Right now we aren’t working out together, because our training styles are currently different. She likes group style fitness classes. I’m more into bodybuilding routines. Regarding accountability, there are some days that I’m normal, or when I am tired and not feeling like hitting the gym, my wife certainly does give me that extra push to go get a workout in by reminding me that “your goals don’t have time for your excuses” 

FFF: That’s a great reminder! Besides GHOST, do you have any other brands you love such as fitness apparel or workout gear, especially that our male followers could benefit from? 

AC: So the best fitness apparel I have ever worn would have to be from Alphalete Athletics. Every time I have worn an outfit from Alphalete I get stopped and asked if I’m a trainer or model due to how form fitting it is. 

FFF: Def a good brand, and that has to make you feel good! Hey, we’ll take being called a model haha ☺️ When you do travel what are some of your best tips and advice to fit in a workout on the go? What kind of workouts do you do on vacations or getaways, work events etc? 

AC: My advice would be to plan ahead. I see what my options are for gyms in the area and watch what I eat on vacations. Higher protein Less carbs more intuitive eating when I’m on vacation. 

FFF: Right! You can still be healthy on vacation and enjoy it! What is a place or some cities/countries that you want to travel to and why? 
AC: A place that my wife and I would like to travel to would have to be Melbourne, Australia It has always been a dream destination for us so watching the videos of the devastation that is currently happening over there in Australia is saddening 

FFF: Australia is high on our bucket list too, and terrible what’s happening over there. Our hearts go out to them. Last question: We created the motto “Go Live. Stay Fit” which means you can experience/enjoy all that life has to offer without sacrificing your fitness and health while living a busy lifestyle on-the-go. How do you “Go Live and Stay Fit?” 
AC: I just tell myself “my goals don’t have time for my excuses” that if I put in the work my body will thank me by feeling better mentally. I look better overall, and I have all the confidence in the world to show the world exactly who I am.

FFF: Absolutely!! Thank you Andrew for letting us interview you for January’s Fit for Flight Spotlight! It was fun getting to know you a little bit, and looking forward to where your fitness platform goes next! To see more from Andrew when it comes to working out/training, promoting the ”legendary” brand, GHOST and repping the fitness apparel brand Alphalete you can follow him on Instagram at @AndrewCalvinoFitness. For Andrew’s recomended brands you can check out GHOST lifestyle on Instagram @ghostlifestyle and Alphalete Athletics @Alphalete  To shop: click the link in their bios to access each website 

***In the midst of the devastating fires spreading across Australia, please help us donate to Australia’s Red Cross Disaster Relief and Recovery Fund by using this link below 


If you can’t donate or give elsewhere, please just keep Australia in your prayers ♥️ 

June 21, 2021

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