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Eco-Friendly Travel Tips

When you’re planning a trip, there are many aspects you think about, right? You think about where and when you want to go? What transportation you’ll take to get there? Where do you want to stay for accommodations? What are you going to do? Who all is coming? What are you going to wear? And don’t forget to check the weather. Will it call for rain, sun, or snow? Because you have to know what items you need to take. The one thing you probably don’t take into account when traveling is how you can be more eco-friendly. 

If the world is ours to travel, why not take care of it, especially for the future generation? There are many simple and small tasks you can do, to be more environmentally friendly that hardly use any effort. The only effort required is to keep these tips in mind for your travels!  We give you the green light to go have fun and live life as you please, but we encourage you to “go green” in helping us and other environmentalist take care of our Earth by adding some if not all of our eco-friendly tips listed below! 

14 January 2020|Packing & Travel

  1. Invest in reusable utensils instead of one use plastic forks, spoons, etc – shop To-Go Ware 
  2. Instead of plastic bottles, purchase a reusable water jug or bottle – if you have to buy/use a plastic water bottle, please recycle! 
  3. Pack foods in containers that you can wash and use again and again  
  4. Avoid using plastic baggies and using reusable silicone bags (Stasher bag is a travel friendly favorite among flight attendants)
  5. Purchase a washable laundry bag for dirty clothes/gym clothes instead of using plastic bags 
  6. Pack your meals in a lunchbox and not in plastic baggies or paper bags 
  7. Walk or bike if you can instead of taking a car 
  8. Buy tickets online (concert, zoo, tour, movies, etc) instead of having to print them out and waste paper 
  9. Turn off all lights, lamps and TVs, when you leave your hotel rooms to save on electricity (some hotels have a master switch for this, which makes it super easy) 
  10. 10.Recycle!! When eating or drinking on the go in the city or park, utilize the correct trash cans for discarded items.
  11. We repeat! Recycle!! – especially when hotels have separate garbage bins for recycle and waste 
  12. Invest in a metal straw instead of plastic straws (you can purchase metal straws as well as other eco friendly items at SandCloud and 10% of their profits go back to help protect marine life). 
  13. Reuse towels in your hotel rooms to save on water. Just hang them back up to let the maid know you’re reusing them. 
  14. When making coffee in hotel rooms, avoid plastic stir sticks – pour sugar and creamer first then coffee on top to mix (or use woods stirrers or a reusable spoon) 
  15. If you hit the local farmers market on your trips, or grocery stores as some flight attendants do, use a canvas bag or reusable bag (Trader Joe’s sells them or find ones at Chico Bag in tons if colors and designs. 
  16. Cut out cotton pads or cotton balls by putting products like facial toner in a reusable spray bottle 
  17. Invest in more eco friendly products (we have mentioned water bottles and utensils but also items such as coffee mugs like Stojo cups to beauty products like CocoKind – a skin care brand with sustainable eco friendly packaging. 
  18. Bring your own mini bottles of shampoo/conditioner instead of using the plastic bottles in hotel rooms (if you do use plastic – recycle) 
  19. Use bars of soap instead of plastic bottles (again if you do – recycle!) 
  20. Volunteer and give back! Plant a tree on Arbor Day or lend a hand and help keep our coastlines and oceans clean, such as 4Ocean’s Community Cleanup – which was such an incredible opportunity. You can read anout my experience on my personal instagram @CaseyPaulineFitness. (To learn more about 4Ocean Community Cleanup, donate or purchase any products – which with each purchased bracelet, 1 lb of trash is removed from the Earth’s oceans – – you can visit 4Ocean.com). 
4 Ocean Cleanup Boca Raton
Pieces of trash picked up from the beach

June 21, 2021

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