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“Fit for Flight” Spotlight: Stephanie Twum

Welcome to our “Fit for Flight” Spotlights.Fit for Flight Spotlight is a monthly feature that highlights friends, coworkers, social media influencers and bloggers who manage to maintain their fitness, health & wellness while living the traveling lifestyle. In these spotlights we share their advice for balancing it all from tips, tricks and products to a look at how they manage their fitness, health and wellness routines as well as how they:

Go Live. Stay Fit” – our motto behind Fit for Flight. 

Our last Spotlight and our very first feature was all about our good friend and fellow flight attendant Vera. Find her interview with us here and follow her on Instagram at the @BalancedFlyer where she shares her beauty tips on clear skin, helpful wellness habits, and cool places she finds on her travels! 

For this Fit for Flight Spotlight feature, we want to introduce Stephanie Twum! Stephanie is a personal trainer in Altanta, GA and a unique fact about her is she is from Ghanaian descent. Not only is she a trainer, but she was Miss USOA Georgia 2019 (and USOA Miss Buckhead 2018) and Miss Brawl for a Cause 2019. Stephanie is not just about looking good, but FEELING good from the inside out and loving it! She fell in love with fitness six years ago when she first signed up for a beauty pageant. 

Stephanie is constantly on-the-go between her personal Brand Twum Fit LLC, Twum Glam and Crown Cut Pageant Training. Her platform is ALL about body love, body confidence, and body health! Keep reading more about Stephanie and how she manages to stay in shape all while leading a busy on-the-go lifestyle and helping change the lives of many others!

Fit for Flight: Hi, Stephanie! Thank you for letting us feature you in our December spotlight! We know you first fell in love with fitness when you competed in your first beauty pageant! How was your experience? 

Stephanie: Thank you so much for this incredible opportunity. Oh yes, when I signed up for my first pageant, I knew I had to prepare for it emotionally and physically. I had no clue as to what I was doing, but I was so excited and motivated. I decided to hit the gym almost daily. I then realized that it felt so good to work hard for something and strive for success. I didn’t win my first pageant, but I won Miss Congeality. I also felt confident and happy on stage, and that’s when I fell in love with fitness. It was the FEELING that I felt after pushing past my limits and seeing results. I was in love – all because of pageantry . 

FFF: As a personal trainer, you have to manage your clients’ time as well as your own time to workout. How do you manage to fit in your own fitness routine when you’re constantly on-the-go training others? 

S: Yes, finding time to workout can be the ultimate struggle, especially when I feel so tired. The number one [thing] that gets me going is discipline. I push my emotions aside and just get it done, wherever I end up. Often [at] times too, I block out time for myself, no matter what. I treat myself as my own client. I have to, or otherwise it won’t get done. 

FFF: Oh definitely! We can agree with that last statement! Speaking of exercising and working out, what is your favorite kind of workout or exercises you love to do? 

S: I love circuit training and I also love deadlifts. I just feel so powerful deadlifting! 

FFF: So good for the glutes and one of our favorites too! As we stated before, we know it’s difficult to train others as well as yourself. How do you stay motivated for your clients while leading a busy life-style, especially on days where you don’t feel motivated yourself? 

S: I always make sure that no matter what I’m going through or how I’m feeling, I do not project any negative energy on my clients. Sometimes, I don’t know what my clients are going through, and the time they spend with me could be their ultimate escape. So I try really to help them feel strong and powerful, because filling up their cup fills up mine. 

FFF: You have a BEAUTIFUL smile! What are some of your simple beauty hacks or teeth whitening tips you can share with us? 

S: Thank you so much! I highly suggest visiting a teeth whitening clinic every six months and I also use a super awesome teeth whitening toothpaste called, AP24. I love it. It works so well! 

FFF: Ooo we might have to try that toothpaste! We know you recently came out with a “Party Guide” to help people have a good time while being out on the social scene! Tell us more about this guide!  

S: Yes! I am so excited to release my Social Butterfly ebook. The ebook is just a simple list of common foods and alcoholic drinks that can help people stick to their goals without completely overdoing it or feeling guilty (which means beating yourself up over foods that may not be the healthiest). As a social butterfly myself, I don’t want to lead a lifestyle full of restrictions. It’s seriously not [very] fun missing out on memories! 

FFF: That’s awesome! Sounds like a guide people can most definitely utilize during their travels and the holiday season! You don’t believe in depriving yourself, as we like to live in balance ourselves. What are some of your favorite “fun” foods or treats you love to eat? 

S: Oh man I love Chik Fil A, and I have a serious sweet tooth. I honestly eat Chik Fil A once a week – guilt free – bread and all! 

FFF: Yum! You got us craving Chick Fil A now! Switching gears here, we know you absolutely LOVE makeup and skincare! What are some of your must have products you can’t live without? 

S: Yes! I am a totally glamazon. For skincare, I love the MaryKay Timewise facial cleanser, night cream, Dead Sea mask, aloe cleanser, and the Beauty Counter day cream. [For] Makeup I love MAC! 

Beauty Counter Nourishing Day Cream

FFF: Those are great brands! As we mentioned before you are from Ghanaian descent. We love that you are so proud about your Ghana background! Do you also train any clients there or anywhere else overseas? Do you ever get to go back and visit, and what are some of your travel tips when flying? 

S: Yes, I do train clients whenever I go, and I plan on opening up my own studio [there] one day. I visit home every year. I definitely try to stay active while I’m away and if possible, I even hire a trainer whenever I go overseas . But if having a trainer isn’t possible, I also bring resistance bands or buy some kettlebells somewhere and get my sweat on wherever I am – 45 mins, done!

FFF: That’s amazing you make the time to visit every year and yes resistance bands are so convenient for travel! For those who live around Atlanta/locally, and who are interested in your programs/training where can people book sessions with you? 

S: People can book their sessions with me via website at  https://www.twumfit.com 

FFF: Lastly, We created the motto “Go Live. Stay Fit” which means you can experience/enjoy all that life has to offer without sacrificing your fitness and health. How do you “Go Live and Stay Fit?”

S: I do this by eating everything in moderation , truly living a balanced life, and teaching myself and my clients to eat guilt free. Also, I stopped beating up myself whenever I miss a workout. Life happens, and as long as you remain active the majority of the week – you’re on the right track. There is life outside of the gym! And life happens! 

We love that advice! Follow Stephanie on her IG @StephanieTwum to keep up with her busy lifestyle from pageants, training, travel and having fun! If you’re interested in training packages with Stephanie head to her website https://www.twumfit.com and, if you want to purchase a copy of her new Social Butterfly Ebook e-mail her at StephanieTwumFitness@gmail.comThank you Stephanie for being our December Fit for Flight Spotlight. and sharing an inside glimpse of your busy lifestyle! Keep slaying the game girlfriend! We’re looking forward to what big things you do next! 

June 20, 2021

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