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Healthy Snacking for Redeye Flights

In case you’re not familiar with the term “red-eye” in the aviation world, it means an overnight or late night flight, typically departing at night and arriving to your destination the next morning. When it comes to healthy eating while on said flights there aren’t too many nutritious options for you to snack on. How do you stay on track with your diet and fitness goals on a long, late flight, especially when those late-night snack cravings hit!  We get it! We’re no stranger to red-eyes, so we‘re sharing some helpful tips below that we won’t have to overnight to ya! You can read up on them now to help prepare you for your next Red-Eye when you need a snack or want to sip on a drink without worrying about putting the pounds on. Leave that for the bags in the cargo! 

1. Pre-Flight Protein: depending on when your flight takes off and granted if you have enough time- try to load up on a meal full of protein. Any lean protein, a light sandwich, unsalted nuts, cheese (unless you know you don’t do well with dairy), are good choices. When you load up on protein and a healthy fat like cheese, you will feel more full and satisfied than you would by eating high sugar/high sodium packed foods or snacks. Don’t have enough time? Try grabbing a pre-made option or plan ahead to bring something BEFORE your flight if you can. Nuts are a good source of protein or protein bars made with more natural ingredients are good to toss in you carry-on to munch on during your flight! 

2. Go All Natural: we’re talking whole non-processed foods! It’s better to snag an orange or a banana to eat before you fly overnight to your destination (try to avoid apples as too much fiber can tend to bloat you on a flight). Don’t worry- the sugar in fruit is all good natural sugar, and won’t leave you feeling sluggish or have you crashing later! You’re better off having something nutritious to keep you satisfied than excess sugars from cookies or candy that’ll leave you only hungrier in the aftermath.  Besides, your skin will thank you later in the long-run, too! Fruit contains water, helping hydrate your skin which can dry out from the recycled air in the cabin. When we’re craving something sweet/need a snack, fruit is our go- to. Some of our favorites for late night snacks are raspberries, mangos or cutie tangerines and hey sometimes even grapefruit if we packed it!

And if you do want a sweet treat other than fruit  – opt for dark chocolate/cocoa options which contain less sugars and fewer additives than regular chocolate and candies. Check out Barnana brand products! These dark chocolate covered banana bites make the perfect sweet snack! 

3. Drink Up: No, we don’t mean alcohol (especially if you’re the one working the flight)! We mean H20! Water not only helps to keep you full, but sometimes when we think we’re hungry (or when we’re bored) we are actually just thirsty. Drinking water will also help you to stay hydrated, which in turn keeps you from feeling jet-lagged and again, sluggish later on.

4. Say ‘nah’ to raw: the last thing you want to feel is uncomfortable on your flight and staying away from raw foods can be key. Raw veggies such as broccoli, brussels sprouts, and cauliflower can cause gas and bloating during flight which doesn’t sound like a good time to us, and your fellow passengers would probably agree! A better way to get in your greens if you feel you’re slacking on them is to bring a green superfood supplement powder with you to mix with water. We like using Ghost Lifestyle Greens!

5. When In Doubt, Stick It Out: if you forget to pack healthier options or forget to eat a pre-flight meal with more nutrient dense foods, try to find other alternatives to keep you occupied rather than focusing on what you can eat (just because it’s available) but probably aren’t truly hungry to eat. We always like to drink hot water with lemon or green tea to keep us satisfied till we can land and get a real meal. Sometimes diving into a good book, journaling, or having an adult coloring book will help to get your focus off of food. However- if you’re absolutely hungry, the best snack options on board are ones that are lower in sodium and lower in fiber.

We hope these tips help you out when it comes to being prepared for red-eye flights. What are some tips you have when it comes to healthier snacks for those late night flights? Do you have any favorite healthier options you like to eat or drink? Let us know in the comments below! 

Fly Safe and Go Live And Stay Fit

May 29, 2021

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