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“Basic” Packing Advice

Usually when someone says they’re “basic” they are referring to being perceived as someone who isn’t unique or doesn’t express their individiuality. They follow the mainstream of the most popular trends, products, music, etc made “famous” by the media or some social media influencer. Here we’re taking a little different approach with it! We don’t mean being basic in the previous sense, even though we like your basic brunch with a bottle of rosè and we know some of y’all love those basic PSL (pumpkin spice latte) at Starbucks, but we’re talking BASICS as in your wardrobe.

Listen, we practically live out of a suitcase in our daily lives, so we know when it comes to packing it can be a hassle. Figuring out what to bring for different events, dealing with the change of seasons and needing certain attire for different climates or trying to pack everything for your travels abroad seems stressful enough let alone just thinking about it! Nobody wants to lug around multiple giant suitcases for a week-long vacay or stay especially when public transportation is involved. Yikes! So, how do you go about making sure you’ve packed what you need and what you want without over-doing it and being over-stressed?

On top of the Duomo in Florence

Pack your basics! Your basics are items that you can mix-and-match to create different outfits. For example, these can be solid colors that go with everything, a couple pairs instead of several pairs of shoes, certain articles of clothing, etc or artices of clothing you can easily layer or strip. We utilized this tip when we took a 10-day trip to Italy a couple years ago. That’s 10 days worth of clothes with no washer or dryer and only one checked suitcase, because those checked bag fees add up! Save that extra money for those souvenirs!

Cappuccino in Rome

We made a list of clothes, accessories, shoes etc that we wanted or needed to bring and then laid everything out. We picked out clothes that we could wear to make several different outfits when paired together. We packed a couple pairs of jeans, paired with 2-3 sweaters and long-sleeve shirts, as well as a couple different scarves, and 2 pairs of boots (think neutral colors like black and brown) as well as a packable raincoat and one or two warm jackets (since it was rainy/the colder season when we went on our trip).

Wine Tour in Florence

To better see what you’re packing and make it easier to plan your outfits, we recommend laying our your clothes and taking photos of each outfit. This is a tip we utilized when packing for the different cities we planned to visit in Italy. We laid the shirts and jeans out next to the boots and took pictures on our iPhones. It may sound silly, but trust us. This totally helps to see just how much mixing and matching you can do for every day with the outfits you packed. Not only did we end up packing less than we had originally planned (when plan A was just grabbing a ton of random clothes and trying to stuff it all into a suitcase) but it made getting ready for the day to explore each new city (we stayed in Rome, Florence & Venice with a pit stop in Pisa) much less stressful! Bonus: By noting exactly what we were packing and making decisions to bring the basics we were able to save some space in our suitcase to bring back souveniors for the fam.


This is just ONE tip we recommend when it comes to packing, however we have TONS more inside our book Fit for Flight. To check it out (and read the reviews) head over to AMAZON and grab yourself a copy today.
How do you manage packing for your travels?! Share with us in the comments! Go Live. Stay Fit! We’ll chat soon!

Rialto Bridge, Venice

May 25, 2021

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