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Tips to Deflate Travel Bloat

Nothing is worse than feeling like an overstuffed suitcase when you’re traveling. Your stomach puffs out. It’s distended. You feel puffy, or maybe even so gassy that it’s almost as if someone could just pop you like a balloon with a pin so the discomfort would go away. It happens to us too while working or traveling for fun, and never fails to happen when you gotta look good in a bikini on a tropical getaway are we right?!

We tend to ”blow up” on the plane because as the plane reaches higher and higher elevations, cabin pressure decreases and gas in our stomach and small intestines expands. This causes the discomfort & gas pains. In addition, if we are eating too much salty foods, lack physical activity or are on that time of the month for us ladies, our body can hold onto excess water. Bloating can happen from food intolerances, overeating, drinking alcohol or carbonated drinks; But we’ve got some tips to help you prevent the bloat before you fly, combat the bloat while you’re inflight and how to cope if you’re still dealing with it after you reached your destination.

1. The night before (& before you fly) Avoid foods & drinks that can cause bloat: high sodium foods, oily/greasy foods (starches & carbs like pastas, breads, potatoes aka French fries), dairy products, artificial sweeteners (even sugar free products which can contain artificial sweeteners), fiberous fruits like apples and Cruciferous veggies like broccoli and cauliflower – if you do want a salty snack when you’re on the flight like peanuts or pretzels (airline staples) keep it to a minimum. Def avoid sodas & carbonated drinks that cause air bubbles in your stomach which can cause you to bloat

2. Pop a magnsium pill before you go to bed. (Try using Natural Vitility Calm supplements drink powder mix or gummies). Magnesium is a natural relaxant & can help to fight fluid retention and expell excess gas. It decreases when we are stressed, crave too much sugar or overload on caffeine – all of which can be components of traveling.

3. Drink warm water in the morning with fresh squeezed lemon juice (lemon packets or pre made lemon juice work as well).

4. Skip the coffee before you fly. It can dehydrate your body & irritate your bladder making you uncomfortable. Stick to herbal teas instead. Some of our favorites to travel with that we keep on hand to combat bloat include green tea, ginger or peppermint tea and you can almost always (pre Covid) get a cup up hot water.

5. Go for a walk around the terminal if you have time before your flight and try to go to the bathroom before you board

6. Don’t chew gum or use straws. Eat & drink slowly to avoid swallowing excess air which can cause bloat and discomfort

7. Take probiotics before your flight to help improve bacterial environment in the gut or digestive enzymes (ex: source natural digestive enzyme) to help break down indigestible carbs (such as lactose and gluten)

8. Eat potassium such as bananas, kiwi or strawberries. Potassium aids your kidneys in getting rid of excess sodium & helps increase good bacteria in your gut to reduce bloating. Pack your greens – Ghost LifeStyle greens are packed with both pre/probiotics and antioxidants which help aid in digestion.

9. Drink plenty of water & avoid alcohol since it can dehydrate you on the plane. If you do drink, balance it with water. Also have healthy snacks for your flight – oranges, berries, almond butter with celery, peppers and hummus to name a few. Think water based snacks to help keep you hydrated, citrusy fruits or fruits loaded with antioxidants – also good for your immune system to stay healthy.

10. On longer flights/transcon flights, try to get up and walk up & down the aisle every couple of hours. Wear compression socks to help with circulation & lymphatic drainage to avoid feeling puffy

11. When you get to your hotel try yoga poses & stretching (happy baby, wind reliving pose, child’s pose) or get in physical activity. Sweating can help excess water – causing retention – to leave the body. Or take a bath if you travel with Epsom salts

12. Keep Gas Ex or peppermint capsules on hand to help lessen symptoms. Try drinking dandelion root tea – which acts as a diuretic- to help rid of water retention.

13. Massage your stomach. Lie on the floor. Make one hand into a fist & place it knuckles down on your stomach. Massage your stomach in a clockwise circular motion and experiment with pressure. You can also try a massage oil infused with peppermint which is said to help calm your stomach muscles.

14. Journal what foods make you bloat and if you’re still having trouble talk to your doctor & see how they can help!
We hope these tips help you next time you’re trying to combat travel bloat.

If you have any special tips, share them with us and our readers! We love to hear and learn from you! Go Live. Stay Fit!

May 24, 2021

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