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Does Fruit Make you Fat?

Have you ever heard fruit makes you fat? I’m sure many of us could assume so, because fruit does contain sugar, but I’m here to bust that myth. Fruit ABSOLUTELY does NOT make you fat! In fact, it’s one food group that’s far from causing you to gain extra pounds! Of course, there are no “magic” foods out there. Not one food can make a person fat (if we’re talking about eating in moderation) and not one food can make you all of the sudden lose fat. So why does fruit get such a bad rap?

Well, like I stated before, it does contain sugar which allows many to lump fruit in with food such as baked goods, sugary drinks and candy. However, fruit is made up of natural sugar and unlike those other “sugary” food groups, fruit is non-processed. If you know anything about nutrition, you can bet food that is non-processed and not pre-packaged is usually the best type of food (such as fruit) that you want to be consuming for fat loss. Besides being healthier in terms of natural sugar, fruit also contains antioxidants which can help prevent sickness and colds. Fruit is also very dense in fiber and water which help with digestion and keeping your skin clear.

Although healthy, eating too much of a good thing can stall your progress just as eating too much fast-food or processed food can stall progress. Even though fruit is low in fat, fruit is made mostly of carbs. But for most, a couple servings of fruit a day is the perfect amount to help keep your fitness goals in check and satisfy your sweet tooth cravings (bonus!). So, don’t be afraid to take a bite of the big apple, and get ready to reap the healthy benefits! What are some of your favorite fruits? Ours are mangos, bananas, pineapple and (frozen) grapes – which we’ll be sharing a recipe soon about how to make “sour patch kids” grapes!

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May 24, 2021

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